New Moon in Gemini. Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes for May 22 to 28, 2017

It’s officially a New Moon in Gemini on Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 3:44 pm ET. This is the beginning of a two week cycle of growth and changes. Intelligence is in focus. Communications, thoughts and ideas shared can bring a whole new way of thinking. Words and thoughts are powerful and we each get to choose what we focus on.

With Mars in Gemini as well, new information can bring some stressors, but also powerful solutions. We can expect the media and news to be even faster paced than usual and war could be much discussed.

Venus and Pluto are out of sync on Thursday. Judgment and authority are at odds with love. Though the week can feel challenging, there is sure to be a change of heart for many. Political talk, rules and the establishment of power structures could be at strong odds with what individuals want at the grassroots level. Shifts in identity and what you identify with are highly likely. Challenges redefine love, self love and self worth.

The question is, "Do those in authority and positions of political power really have the interest of individuals at heart?"

Mercury and Neptune are in sync on Sunday, May 28, 2017. More people will come to understand that money is ultimately a concept of the mind. It is an illusion that depends on beliefs, and those beliefs impact the world.

Honoring nature, the environment and the material world is good karma and good for your spirit.

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Aries: This week could put some obstacles in your way that help you create powerful changes. Working on your self worth and your career are major contributors to these changes. If you haven’t been thrilled about where your career is, this is the time to get real about what you really want. Instead of getting pulled in all kinds of directions, you’ll find real effort to focus will help you get clear about what success means for your life. It’s a great week to think new thoughts, have new discussions and read about new ideas. Your challenges are not in vain, they promise growth. Dreams of financial security can lead to great work.

Taurus: Past karma can conflict with the vision you have for your life. All the things you’ve had to deal with in your life play a big role in your sense of self. This week, it’s a good idea to work on your sense of agency, knowing that you have the power to decide what is right for you. You get to decide who you are. You get to define yourself. The conflicts of life have shaped you in many ways, but now is a good time to create new ideas about who you are and take back the reigns of authority for yourself. Your mind is a powerful thing. A sense of security in yourself starts with your thoughts. Think new thoughts and your vision for the big picture of your life will grow. Be the author of your own life no matter who has tried to change you.

Gemini: Stress is a part of everyone’s life. Mars in your sign can bring tension, and perhaps you’ve had a bit more than usual lately. Mars can also bring a sense of empowerment and a boost of energy, vitality and self confidence, but also an aggressiveness. A lot of talk or thoughts about the past is likely for you now that can ultimately lead to a more meaningful point of view on life. Though social situations can bring up issues that are tough to work through, they will most likely lead to important changes in how you think and act in the world. The New Moon in your sign reminds you that it’s time to become a new you. Issues of authority and control will lead to you defining yourself in new ways. Exercise is recommended to help you clear out stress so you can have a better energy flow that is empowering.

Cancer: Relationships are tricky. Everyone is different. Everyone wants something different. None of us are on the exact same page with everything. Only robots or brainwashing victims are programmed to think exactly alike. Remember this when you are in conflict with others. Compromises must be made in life all the time to keep the peace. Being open to seeing the other person’s point of view helps create harmony. Differences of opinion this week can lead to big changes in your relationships and your goals. As you navigate life, be prepared to see a different point of view. The New Moon encourages you to be willing to change your ideas so you can grow. Every day, new information will arise and expand your worldview. Even the smallest details and changes, can lead to big shifts in your life.

Leo: You are now in a long term process of redefining yourself and your life. Your goals are going through a transformation now, which means your day to day lifestyle also needs to change. The larger vision of what you want for your life is an important determining factor in what you put your energy towards producing. If you don’t like how your lifestyle has been panning out, this is the time to recognize how the difficulties are sending you strong signals in how you need to change so you can manifest the life you want. The New Moon will bring you new ideas that just keep growing. Keep your eyes and ears open. Listen to what others have to say. Let your friends and acquaintances share their opinions. You don’t have to agree with all of them, but each one will get you thinking in a new way. Contemplate the meaning of life this week and it will help you gain clarity and set new goals worth working towards.

Virgo: Virgos are known to be intelligent and hardworking, with more of a left brain, logical understanding of the world. But can Virgo’s be creative? Of course! Creativity isn’t just for the dreamers. Creativity is a natural part of life. We are all co-creators that get to change the world in some way. Some of the most creative people that have had a significant impact on the world have a highly intelligent, logical view on reality. Use your smarts to your advantage this week and you can find creative solutions to just about any problem. The challenges that come up this week can inspire you to look much more deeply at what you want to achieve. Small details are always necessary to make the big ideas a reality. The New Moon is setting you up to think about new goals, and maybe even a new career. Be grateful for your capacity for brilliance, and your ambitions will only grow.

Libra: Jupiter will be retrograde in Libra for just a couple more weeks. Redefining yourself through much soul searching is sure to change your life. Other people, particularly family and those you have a close relationship with, such as a partner, could bring up conflicts this week that need to be worked through. Issues about love, power, authority and identity will prompt your soul searching further and impact your new definition of yourself. The New Moon encourages you to think a lot more about the aims you have in life. The more you talk about what you want, the more your ideas will grow. Focusing on what excites and invigorates you will help you plant seeds that lead to positive growth. Thinking about money in a positive way will help you be productive in ways that build good karma.

Scorpio: Do you love your lifestyle? Do you feel like you are being and doing exactly what you want in life? This is a great week to talk more about the changes you want to make. The things you don’t like, and the challenges you face are powerful prompts that will lead to your transformation. Revealing your deepest fears and secrets can be difficult and can create problems, so it is advised that such things are only discussed with those you trust most. Compassion and love shared with a significant other can create good karma and help you feel secure. Reading, talking and accessing resources of information are an important part of a growth phase that begins for you this week. Your thoughts and goals are set to change in big ways.

Sagittarius: Money, work, income, it’s all something we need. It is simply a part of life. Being creative is also an important part of life, but we’ve all heard of the starving artist. This week you could find the balance between making money and living a creatively fulfilling life is challenging. Knowing that you need to create some changes, this is a good time to think more about how you can spend your time more effectively. How can you change your schedule so you have more time to live out your dreams? A little bit of time and effort every day, can help you make headway. More time for family and those close brings more meaning to life as well. Communication is the foundation of good relationships. Even small talk can build bridges.

Capricorn: You are in a period of great personal transformation and redefining yourself. Do you feel loved and secure? Do you feel like you are in touch with your roots, with family and those close? This week it is those that are closest that impact your personal changes. It is how close your bonds are, or are not, that create internal shifts for you now. However, others may seem to be in their own world or wrapped up in their own concerns. Even if you sometimes don’t feel like it, remember that you are loved. It’s just that sometimes people are busy doing their own thing. A new job or a new lifestyle is set to be on the mind of many Capricorn’s now. Changing even the smallest details, or putting a new project into your schedule can be empowering. You want your lifestyle to thrive. You want to feel like you’re being productive and invigorated with vitality. An adjustment to your timeline can help you make significant improvements and infuse your life with new energy.

Aquarius: Self esteem is a topic that just about everyone can relate to. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, but so many don’t, and there can be so many reasons why. Talking about, or thinking about, self worth can be challenging and could lead to some really deep soul searching. You may find the meaning of life changes for you this week, and has you admit that some of your goals and views on life in the past weren’t really as meaningful or important as you thought they were. However, with all that being said, it is a good week to be entertained to get your mind off of the heavier topics of life. Focusing on creative, artistic subjects can be a healthy distraction that plumps up your life with positive energy that would do you well now. Talking to family and those close can help you feel more secure, giving you a boost of hopefulness.

Pisces: Money matters can change your social life. If money has been flowing out of your pockets in favor of socializing, you could have a wake up call that shifts your priorities now. You may need to reign in spending so that you are using your income for things that really matter. It’s not always wise to burn a hole in your wallet in favor of appearances. It is better that you consider larger goals and long term plans now. Family and those close become an increasingly important part of your life over the next couple of weeks. Putting more energy towards those that matter can invigorate your life with great ideas. Talking about taking care of responsibilities and intelligently using money to create a secure foundation can give you greater self confidence.

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