Full Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter direct in Libra. Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes for June 5 to 11, 2017

There are a lot of movers this week.

Mars entered Cancer on June 4, 2017 at 12:16 pm ET. Physical exercise is highly recommended over the next month and a half. Your body is your temple. Also be aware that reactions can be strongly emotional, especially by those that are highly sensitive.

On June 6, 2017 Venus comes home to Taurus at 3:26 am ET, and Mercury is at home in Gemini at 6:15 pm ET. If you have a Taurus or a Gemini in your life, they are likely to demonstrate their natural qualities and feel more comfortable with themselves. When people feel comfortable in their own skin, they usually tend to bring forth their many gifts to share with others.

There is officially a Full Moon in Sagittarius this week on June 9, 2017 at 9:10 am ET. This is a great time to be out in the open, enjoying the social side of life. Beliefs and worldviews are in the spotlight.

Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius now. Those that have inhibitions could find that the challenges of socializing with different types of people, can lead to big realizations. This would be a good time to face your fears, like speaking in front of a large crowd. Overcoming obstacles can bring much relief and a real sense of accomplishment.

It also indicates how diversity of culture impacts the world around us. We may find that the challenges of diversity give us a big wake up call about what we believe about the world.

Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) stations direct in Libra on June 9, 2017 at 10:03 am ET. This occurs less than an hour after the Full Moon in Sagittarius.

The way people are seeing the world is changing. What people believe and identify with as true or false is also changing. The information and beliefs about reality, shaped largely by mainstream media, is also going through a major transformation. We can expect much louder voices to be heard regarding truth, justice and judgment. The battle between corporate interests and media, with grassroots and alternative media will get louder as well and the tables could turn.

The shift of Jupiter in Libra reminds us of the power play between Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus I’ve talked much about for months. We can expect a lot of major debates to continue and grow as we head through the summer. Opinions can shift greatly this week, and much more information of what’s been going on behind the scenes is likely to come out in the open. Changes in the use and implementation of law, justice, rules and power will be a stronger topic.

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Aries: Home life and a sense of security become more important, as does a healthy relationship to your body. You’ll do best when you feel comfortable and strong in your roots and foundation. A home workout routine would do you well. Ways to make money doing what you love are in order this week as well. To do so, put your brilliant thinking cap on and socialize. It is a great time for you to be in talks with people that you are linked to and resonate with. Feeling good about yourself will help you network and connect with new prospects in business more easily. Appreciation of what you have will put you in a positive frame of mind and tune you into a sense of wealth. Your relationships are likely to be a great resource of change and inspiration. The benefits of diversifying your aims and objectives will take you far.

Taurus: Self worth is set to become a more important part of your way of life as June unfolds. Knowing that you deserve to enjoy pleasures in life can set you up for finding real satisfaction. Discussions on money matters and the economy will be more obvious as the week continues, sparking interesting dialogue and ideas. Do be cautious of emotional reactions, whether they are your own, or from others. When people feel vulnerable, or have surge of emotions, they could swing far the other way to try to find their balance of power. Times are shifting, and so are people’s emotions. Keeping yourself on track towards your aims and objectives in life is recommended. Step away from any social drama, and spend some time developing a vision for your future and you’ll come up with brilliant ways to access resources and information to take you many steps forward.

Gemini: This is your birthday month and time to celebrate and remember how far you’ve come. As Mercury enters your sign, your natural ability to discuss subjects that matter to you gets activated with an extra boost of intelligence. Your identity is changing and is revealed through new thoughts and words. General stress you may have been feeling could ease, but may be shifted towards money matters. Though we live in a material world and an emphasis on excess consumerism is a part of our societal mindset, you’ll find the riches of the natural world, and sentiments of appreciation feel much more valuable to you now. More Gemini’s may feel their biological clock ticking. There’s only so much time to decide on big subjects like parenthood. This week can change your perspective on children and relationships. Regardless of whether you have kids or not, it is the younger generation that can bring about a change of mind and shift in perspective this week that wakes you up to a new way of seeing the world.

Cancer: Stress comes in many forms, but there are also many ways to reduce stress. Some types of stress can be healthy, but sudden jolts of surprises can shock the system and long term worries can lead to imbalances. In any form, it is your reaction and how you handle your energy that makes all the difference. Exercise, can help you immensely and is one of the most beneficial ways to bring health and harmony to your life. If you’ve been putting off getting your butt in gear, this is the week to take charge and harness your power. You will feel more comfortable in your own body when you get more in tune with it. Summer is here, and swimming is one of the best ways to get fit while staying true to your watery roots. Daydreams promise brilliant ideas. Gossip and secrets could make their way into everyday conversation. The way you live your home life is set to move in a different direction that is more true to your higher aims. A look at your schedule will help you identify necessary shifts in time management to help you create more optimal results.

Leo: Careers come in many forms, for many reasons. Some people get into a career because they want the promise of big money and all the open doors a fat wallet can provide for their personal life. Others take on a career purely for the love of the work they are doing every day and the money is a supportive benefit, but not the main priority. It has been said many times, do what you love and the money will follow… you may find this to be especially important to guide your decisions this week and this month. Your social life can lead to great ideas. Discuss your future with many, to encourage new thoughts of what’s possible. You are naturally one of the most creative signs of the zodiac, and this week an emphasis on finding balance and truth can lead to philosophical perspectives that can develop into major creative accomplishments. Life goes by quickly, but you can do much with your time here. Keep working on your vision board and refining where you prioritize your time for best results.

Virgo: Mercury enters the sign of your fellow intelligence comrade, Gemini, this week. This can be excellent for your mind to be lit up with lots of talk and discussion, which can be especially beneficial to developing new goals. However, you’ll need to take the reigns in directing the conversations to ensure they stay positively on topic so you don’t get distracted with gossip and superficial nonsense. If your social life gets reactive and emotional, you’d best filter the friends you hang out with now. Exercise partners will likely have a more balanced emotional state that’s more suitable for your wellness. Being honest about your finances is necessary now as well. The tides are changing, and you’ll need to rebalance your books. Income generating activities can reawaken your sense of personal power and security. Truth and fairness become foundational in your steps towards much larger achievements.

Libra: You have big decisions to make about your life. Jupiter is going direct in your sign this week. For month, Jupiter has been retrograde in Libra which has had you in soul-searching mode. The soul-searching doesn’t end, but now you will be compelled to make decisions in your best interest as you move forward. It is most important that you discuss your real goals in life if you’re ever going to get close to achieving them. Letting go of the past you, and moving forward toward the future you, is in focus. Putting more energy towards your career will work best if the work you are doing is something you feel comfortable with. Having someone in your corner, giving you support and encouragement can help motivate you to become your best. Keep your eyes and ears open this week. The Full Moon can inspire ideas and conversations that wake you up towards overcoming obstacles to your dreams.

Scorpio: Scorpio’s tend to be intelligent in ways others don’t realize. You have a knack for seeing behind the scenes and understanding underlying issues and motives that others gloss over. You are likely to get many extra doses of information this week that only adds to your catalogue of intellect. However, with your emotions as a dominant part of your personality, you need to be careful of how you react to, and apply, information to the world around you. Gossip can come back to haunt you, so do be a little careful with what you reveal. If someone is giving you too much information, be more decisive with what you talk about so you don’t get involved in things you’d rather steer clear of. Though you have a taste for hidden information, it’s sometimes better to not know all the details in the long run. The Full Moon will wake you up to your financial goals and force you to get honest about your limitations. You will be reminded of your biggest dreams. To make them a reality, you’ll have to get to work.

Sagittarius: A big shift in your life is set to take place this week. Self awareness is a key factor in your growth. A realization that comes to you can feel like a light bulb burning brighter and brighter, helping you realize the precious value of your time here on earth. You may feel like you’re held back and not living up to your fullest potential, but that will slowly change. As Jupiter moves forward, prospects will open up and you will regain balance. Working through your personal obstacles and self doubts is your surest way to come out ahead in the long run and will definitely be worth the effort. People you trust will become a more important part of your life, helping you to move forward. Conversations that stimulate intelligent debate are likely to be your strongest catalysts to personal growth now. A lifestyle with smarter relationships works in your favor. The time you spend working on anything should be because you love it. Engage all your senses to make your work more interesting and you will make much better progress.

Capricorn: Life may not always feel like it’s working out in your best interest, but that’s life for everyone at one point or another. This week the Full Moon can wake you up to your dreams. Yes, of course you have obstacles to getting there, but one step can take you on a journey of a million miles. Your career interests and goals in life are the bigger areas of focus for you now. You know you need a change to feel like you’re heading in the right direction. You may be seeing the side of your work-life that you don’t like, and that value judgment is prompting you to seek better balance and satisfaction. This week promises that you will be thinking a lot, maybe even a bit too much. You can avoid worry by focusing on creative solutions for best results. Wherever you see others taking charge of their life, emulate their example and incorporate little steps that resonate with you. They’ll add up to a lot of progress in time. Be patient, and stop and smell the roses. Like all flowers in bloom, life unfolds when it is meant to.

Aquarius: Your intelligent, inventive ideas are a natural part of you, and this week you get an extra strong dose of logic blended with creativity. Though you may sometimes feel like you’re in lalaland, dreaming about the future, this week appreciation of your roots, coupled with intelligent discussions of brilliant ideas can ground you in the power of the present moment. Yes, the future is yours to create, but it is where you are now that needs to be addressed properly so you have good footing to spring forward from. You can’t just dream and expect all to fall into place. It requires directing your energy to make those dreams a reality. Learning from tougher experiences helps you aim best. A change in perspective that shows up this week will help you set up new goals. Though you may not feel like you’re always connecting with the right people at the right time, you’re likely to have an epiphany, or even an encounter, that shifts the landscape of your life this week. Get ready to aim high and pierce through whatever is standing in your way.

Pisces: Jupiter is your ancient ruler, and goes direct this week. We also have a big, bright Full Moon on the way. This can be a pivotal time for you to step up to the plate and work towards goals that demand you do the work required to achieve your best results. Time, effort and patience are a magical mix. But for it to mean anything you’ve got to have good reasons behind your goals. Good reasons will naturally inspire passionate, creative energy too. With all that you’ve got a winning combination that is sure to manifest long term success. Spend some time this week researching and diving into resources that are supportive of your growth and success. The tides are turning and the light bulb is getting brighter. Look at all sides and weigh all options. Get busy writing down your ideas and working out the big picture ideas as well as the little details. Your best changes will come together when you spend the time devoted to setting real goals that help you feel balanced and honest with your higher aims and objectives in life. What you believe about the world sets the stage to define what’s worth growing towards.

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Planetary Transits This Week

The Sun is in Gemini
The Moon transits from Libra to Capricorn this week
Mercury enters Gemini on June 6, 2017 6:15 pm ET
Venus enters Taurus on June 6, 2017 at 3:26 am ET
Mars entered Cancer on June 4, 2017 at 12:16 pm ET
Jupiter stations direct in Libra on June 9, 2017 at 9:10 am ET
Saturn is Retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is Retrograde in Capricorn

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