Neptune stations Retrograde. Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes for June 12 to 18, 2017

Jupiter stationed direct in Libra last week.

Mercury in Gemini will be in trine with Jupiter and in square to Neptune on June 13, 2017.

The Sun in Gemini will oppose Saturn in Sagittarius on June 15, 2017.

Neptune will station retrograde in Pisces on June 16, 2017 at 7:09 am.

We are essentially born a blank slate. From birth onwards, our minds are ready to absorb and adapt to whatever is presented by the environment around us.

What people believe to be true is highly dependent on exposure to information, or a lack thereof. Depending on where you are born in the world, the beliefs and ideas you accept as true about reality are most usually due to the beliefs and ideas your immediate family, relatives, and society around you have passed along to you. We are each conditioned by what we are exposed to, and peer pressure plays a significant role in what people feel they should, or have to, believe.

We can also see how powerful the narrative of the news and media have on shaping the ideas we have about the world. Authority figures, or those in positions of power, have a strong impact on the minds of millions of people.

Our society is organized as a hierarchy of power. Have you ever noticed how similar a courtroom is to a church? The judge is akin to God, while the lawyer is akin to the priest as intermediary between the individual and the authority figure. Like Jupiter on Mount Olympus, the authority and judge is at the top, and it’s all downhill from there.

We live in a world of judgmental people. A lot of people impose their judgments on others, and millions (or perhaps even billions) of people believe that the whole point of life revolves around being judged for all their right and wrongs along the way. The problem is, so many people are self-righteous and think their opinions are what everyone else should agree with and abide by. Essentially it comes down to issues of control over others, and we see this displayed and demonstrated in countless ways in the world.

This week we can expect shifts in what people believe to be true about the world and each other. More questions will be asked about what is really true and what has been a version of reality constructed by others. Personal rights, freedoms and equality vs. a hierarchy of authority and judgment will be on more people’s minds.

In personal relationships, communications and exchanges are not always easy. Our judgments and opinions of others can change quickly depending on how they act and react, or what we find out about their past and karma. Once we have more information, and a more whole picture of a person, our opinion can change significantly.

It’s interesting because nobody really likes to be judged, but many of those same people are judging those around them.

At the end of the day, we’re all in this world together, and we impact one another in countless ways. Perhaps if people put peace and harmony as priority over judgment and biased opinions, the world could be a very different place.

Through it all, we are set to discover much more of our personal identities this week, and more of us will break free from the impositions around us, and decide what is right for ourselves.

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Aries: As you navigate the week, how you relate to others is in focus. Gossip and being in the know can be light hearted, but sometimes gossip and talking about others just gets downright negative. This week, you’ll realize who or what is just too negative to be bothered with. It’s time to decide for yourself how you want to be and do what makes you feel comfortable. Relationships that feel like they are going somewhere good are the ones to develop further. You want your life to get lighter and freer, so connect with those that truly radiate positivity and you won’t regret it.

Taurus: Putting your mind towards ways to be productive and successful is in order this week. Smart business ideas, intelligent decisions, and organizing ways to get your life on track is where your power is now. Why wait? The more active you are, the more energy you’ll generate. People that are not compassionate or that don’t have your best interest at heart are not worth your time. Don’t bother with anyone that even shows an inkling of talking behind your back. You’re above such immaturity. Forget the negative, judgmental people for now, and take control of your own destiny on your own terms. Believe in yourself and you will feel strong and capable. Dream big and seek out resources to manifest great rewards for your efforts.

Gemini: You don’t have time to waste on relationships that just hold you back. You will do best taking care of your own business. Intelligence and creativity are your sources of power and growth this week. Seek out information that supports a positive frame of mind. Take a book to the beach and enjoy some learning in the sunshine. With a positive mindset, feeling good about yourself will attract people and experiences that are better for you. A difference of opinion could create distance with authority figures. Do your best to bring positive points of view and solutions to minimize rifts at the office.

Cancer: More Cancerians are feeling the heat now. For some it could be an upsurge of energy expressed as a dose of anger or frustration, while others will feel vital, energized and ready to go to the gym. The former may motivate you to take action to make things right, while the latter is best for bringing you better emotional equilibrium. Communications are a major power player this week as well. Opinions take center stage and the long-held beliefs that underlie those opinions are at the root of interactions now. It’s best to take a step back and assess what is objective truth and what is biased opinion, to come to the best conclusions. How you interact and relate to authority figures can significantly change how you identify with your career goals this week.

Leo: Growing your social sphere can be great for opportunities this week. People that are intelligent and well balanced are your best bet. You’ve got to take care of yourself and get yourself on track to your destiny, so you want to be sure that those you associate with are not bringing negative energy or unnecessary drama into your life. The truth is, some people can be idiots, and you don’t need to waste time dealing with other people’s hangups and issues. It is best that you take the reigns, and act as the authority in your decision making. Be with those that you know love to talk about the bigger, inspired vision for their life. A balance of time with yourself, or even a spiritual retreat can bring you much inner resources of wisdom.

Virgo: This is a great week for you to discuss career objectives and financial goals. What are your bigger dreams? Working on a vision board is always a good thing, and reading books is a great way to learn about new ideas and options. The more you study, the more questions you ask, the better. You could realize that where you live isn’t the best for your larger career objectives, so do think outside the box and consider the bigger picture of where your life is heading. By the end of the week you’ll realize who you may need to spend less time with. More time with those that you have a deeper connection with will do you best.

Libra: If you’re going to grow in the direction you want your life to head in, you’ve got to make decisions for yourself first and foremost. Yes, there are others to consider in the equation, of course, but your own happiness is a most necessary priority. Once you’ve made the decision to prioritize your happiness, other decisions will be easier. There’s a lot of positivity and negativity in the world and it’s up to you which you tap into more often. You are likely to have an epiphany about the big picture of your life this week. Change your daily lifestyle routines to change your karma. Get ready to grow into a more authentic version of yourself, that is more true to you.

Scorpio: Extra energy can show up in our lives in many ways. From anger and stress, to elation and exuberant motivation, emotions can seem to run our lives in one way or another. As a water sign you know well how the ups and downs feelings can bring to your life. This week, inner reflection and contemplation can help you readjust the path of the life you are creating. Though you may feel pressure, like you need to be on the go, moving forward, sometimes the step back for a moment will bring the necessary changes for best overall progress. It’s also a good week to discuss where your financial picture is not aligned with your goals so you can discover smart solutions. Work smarter, not harder for best results.

Sagittarius: When you put the time and effort into developing yourself, your skills and talents, that’s when you’ll thrive. Having people in your life that are excited about growing towards their dreams is the kind of inspiration you need now. Small talk can lead to big topics and shift your perspective on life and the world in a flash. Socialize with amazing people, and you’ll be lifted. Do something creative this week, anything, and you will feel more alive and intelligent. Being a conscious co-creator with the universe can change everything. Thinking back, remembering your family and your relationships can put your life in perspective. Life is short for all of us. Make the most of it.

Capricorn: If you’ve been having a hard time at work over the past few months, or things just felt off for a while, you could notice a change for the better begins to grow in your life. It may even be that you’ve realized that it’s time to move on in a different direction and set new goals. The world has a million opportunities, it’s just that sometimes we get stuck inside a certain frame of mind and can’t think beyond the everyday cycles we’re used to. But this week, things change. You see things differently because you are changing. There are more opportunities than you’ve imagined, and now is the time to imagine them. When you think different, life has a way of catching up and changing along with those new thoughts. Be patient, and know that you can change the course slowly but surely.

Aquarius: This can be a great time for you to go on a vacation and get away for a while. A new view of the world, can change your worldview. The more you talk about your changes, and the more open you are to different ways of living, the more doors will open to you. Your beliefs about security and money will start to change as we head into next week. A word, phrase, message, quote, or information you come across at random can totally shift your perspective on the role money plays in your life. A sudden realization at the end of the week can make you feel ready to be more true to yourself. Be ready for coincidences you won’t be able to ignore.

Pisces: Differences of opinion about truth and beliefs are highly likely to be important catalysts to your changing identity this week. Your family and those close may see things one way, but you may be branching out and asking bigger questions about the meaning of life than others may dare to venture. It is your right to learn more, and not be restricted to the confines of someone else’s limited point of view. To keep the peace, try not to make such a big fuss. You can keep on growing and asking questions others don’t want to hear, on your own. Because conflicts of truth and beliefs are in hyper focus these days, you may feel the need to retreat later in the week to just find your own balance. After all is said and done, the week reminds you of the importance of getting back in touch with the well of wisdom you have within you.

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