Summer Solstice and New Moon in Cancer, June 21, 2017. Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes for June 19 to 25, 2017

Venus and Neptune are in harmony on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 and so are Mercury and Uranus.

Shared love in relationships is good karma. Putting money towards higher ideals, or a creative vision can lead to good results. The stars are aligned for artists that dream to have financial success. Your vision followed by fulfilling your practical goals can take you far.

Innovative ideas deserve to be discussed. New ideas are set to grow this week, and inspiration can find you out of the blue. Independence is prized. Time alone to think can bring up the most brilliant, innovative ideas. Keep your eyes and ears open for meaningful coincidences, new information, and moments of serendipity to give you plenty to think about.

The Sun enters Cancer this week on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 marking the beginning of summer with the Summer Solstice at 12:24 am ET. It is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Mercury also enters Cancer and meets up with the Sun on Wednesday morning.

The Moon joins the celebration with a New Moon in Cancer on Friday, June 23, 2017 at 10:31 pm ET.

This is a great time for out with the old and in with the new. If you’ve had stress and tension in your family life, this is a good week to turn over a new leaf, talk about the issues and have a meeting of minds. Perhaps you need to put some of the past behind you and move forward with a new perspective on life-long bonds.

Spending time at the beach, near bodies of water can bring peace and comfort that supports a good flow of ideas and conversations. A picnic of delectable foods can bring family and friends closer. Feeling comfortable and bonded with the people you are with encourages healthy relationships.

If you are the type that lacks sensitivity, caring, or has difficulty bonding closely with others, this New Moon can indicate a change of pace for you.

This is also a great time to begin a new exercise routine and enjoying nutritious, wholesome foods that nourish. Taking care of your body's comforts and well being is recommended.

The weekend has Venus and Pluto in harmony on June 24th. This is a good sign for business, career and pursuing money making goals. Making changes with long term planning in mind is especially important. Getting distracted by short term gratification should be avoided for best results overall.

Mars and Jupiter will be at odds on June 25th. Disagreements about what is true or not true can lead to rifts. Beliefs play a major role, and if your worldview is much different than your family’s it can cause issues. Agreeing to disagree can be your best bet in keeping the peace.

Those that are stubborn in their views could create discord by having an extra strong attachment to their biases. Since Mars symbolizes the god of war, and Jupiter in Libra speaks strongly of the media, we could expect bias and propaganda to fan flames.

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Enjoy Reading Your Weekly Horoscopes for All 12 Sun Signs

Aries: Read, write, learn, think, talk… A bevy of great ideas are yours, the more you engage in intelligent contemplation and discussion. Your imagination is a great asset that can open up doors. Imagine your finances to match up with your dreams, and you’ll get clues on your next practical steps to create the life you want. Tune into the dream to make it a reality. Imagine what you want your personal life to look like, and think long-term. The New Moon signifies turning over a new leaf. Although there are fundamental differences between you and family, and in relationships in general, your efforts to keep the peace can bring about a new worldview. Positive associations to money and career is where your power is this week.

Taurus: It’s a great time to connect with people that are most creative and inspiring. Art and imagination liven you up and give you a positive perception of yourself. Synchronicities are sure to capture your attention this week. Inventive ideas can bring positive financial footing. Connecting with new people that feel good to be around is essential. Having a casual, comfortable lunch, or even a picnic at the beach can lead to great conversations brimming with information that leads you on a new future direction. Your identity is changing. Think big about your life goals, and the right changes will come naturally. Do be careful that your desire to chat doesn’t distract you from taking practical actions this week though.

Gemini: People can be most interesting, and sometimes such people can show up out of nowhere and surprise us with their brilliance. You are likely to meet people that can wake you up to what you need to know now. Go out and be open to the coincidences that come your way. There is a need for more of a go-with-the-flow approach to life now. Assess your comfort zone, and consider how you can expand your life to still feel comfortable, and less restricted. You want to grow in ways that let you shine. Go for a glowing feeling within, and you will radiate the type of positive energy you want returned to you. An effort to make a positive shift in your perspective on money can help you clear away the dust of old baggage and karma, for a much cleaner slate for your future.

Cancer: Happy Birthday month! The Sun enters your sign on Wednesday marking the beginning of summer with the Summer Solstice! You also have a New Moon in Cancer on the same day! This is good news, especially if you welcome growth and change. With Mars in your sign you may feel a bit of tension, but exercise is your surest route to releasing plenty of feel good hormones that perk you up. It’s a great time to turn over a new leaf and tap into the meaningful coincidences all around you. What you think, so shall you become. As you change, your worldview may be different than your family, but you can still have a respectful connection to your roots, while also honoring your new knowledge and perspective on the world. Be glad that you have the opportunity to choose and change as you wish. Welcome new people that are aligned with your goals. Loving relationships are where your power is now.

Leo: Trust your feelings. Your intuition will tell you a lot about correct career choices. Warm, fuzzy feelings should be connected to your larger goals. You’ve got to enjoy what you do to make magic happen. It is precisely magic that the Summer Solstice and New Moon can bring your way. Your perspective plays a major role. The thoughts you have running through your mind are powerful. Take a step back, assess how your mind impacts the results you get, and imagine how a few different ways of approaching things could bring different results. Shifting your goals and imagining various practical methods to achieve them, can help set you up for success. Think big! Think growth! Think long-term! Consider asking for a raise, or if you are self-employed, give yourself a comfortable bump in salary as part of your new beginning.

Virgo: The week begins with positive associations to your relationships and larger vision for your life. Who would fit best as part of living an abundant life? Attractions can come naturally this week. Using your communication skills can help your career. Be willing to listen to others and share your innovative, forward-thinking ideas and you’re likely to realize fascinating, compelling insights that help you climb the ladder of success. This is a week of planting seeds and looking forward to potential new growth. Being a people-person will help you more than you know. However, do be careful that new connections aren’t draining your pocket, such as with expensive dinners and meetings. You don’t have to be a cheapskate, but you do better when you are smart about how you spend your money for the long-term outlook.

Libra: Early in the week it is suggested that you take care of your financial picture, particularly your debts, loans and such expenses. Getting down to business tracking your money with long-term projections can help you plan. Rather than living day-to-day, you would do well to have a sustainable outlook that benefits your larger goals. You also could find conversations, particularly with a significant other, about the vision for your life, inspires amazing ideas. Even small-talk can reveal thoughts that spark excitement about what’s possible. The Summer Solstice and New Moon bring energy to your career. If you’re not comfortable in the role you’re playing now in your career life, or if it’s causing stress, this week can instigate growth towards what you really want. Think about how to create freedom in your life to plant awesome seeds for best results.

Scorpio: Charming, creative, grounded people are most likely to catch your eye now. There is magic in the air for you in relationships. A date to the movies, or an event that inspires creative imagination can be great for bonding now. Effort towards creating a smart financial plan of action for your future is recommended this week. Assessing how much time it takes to pay off debts, can help you make clearer decisions for your lifestyle. The watery New Moon is right up your alley and can bring you a highly inspiring, thoughtful outlook. Collecting ideas and planning for a vacation with family or those close could do you well. Do be aware that differences of beliefs or worldview could be a sticking point that may need to be addressed. Resolving such issues could require extra effort and a wise approach to encourage peace.

Sagittarius: The New Moon and Summer Solstice mark new emotional beginning for you this week. Love and caring for family and those close goes beyond just words. It’s demonstrated by actions. Your relationships have support positive support this week. You smallest actions can go a long way. Kindness and compassion can lead to strong bonds that feel more authentic than usual. A genuine hug can be a most magical experience and is great karma. This would be a great week to work on a creative project with a loved one. There are a lot of coincidences in the air this week that are likely to bring you good energy. Money matters are also important for you this week. Spending quality time revamping your financial plans and looking at your debts and income will serve you well. Thinking positive about money will encourage new ideas that will bring you better assurance.

Capricorn: You’ve got positive signs this week. Talking about the meaning of life and having reverence for the creative life all around you can bring you positive, even magical shifts in your experience. Enjoying flowers and the beauty of nature can be such wonderful, feel-good inspiration. The New Moon and Summer Solstice connect sweetly with your relationships. New connections, or those that have been with you for aeons, are part of your new growth now. What matters is how close the bond feels. When you recognize the light in others, they will usually recognize it in you as well. Share that connection and you will attract beautiful experiences. It’s a great time to gab about life, so grab the phone or meet in person and chat it up. If you have stress or tension in work relationships, remember the positive relationships that matter most, and they will give you strength.

Aquarius: If you like decorating, your home could use a few beautiful pieces of art or decor to liven up the space with refreshing beauty. Some Aquarians may come into some extra money through family. It is a week of creative ideas, so do discuss whatever floats your boat. The New Moon and Summer Solstice signifies an opportunity for growth through your work. Your skills could use new energy, and it’s recommended that you put in the time to enhance a sense of freshness and vitality to your inherent talents. As the week ends, the bonds of your closest relationships and family can bring new meaning to life that changes you. Be grateful for your time together and the love you share. Every ounce of love has the power to transform your life. If you are to travel this week, make safety a smart priority, and ensure you have all the details in order.

Pisces: Knowing you are loved and adored is so important for self esteem. Though sometimes you may like to fish for compliments, you don’t have to. Just share the love and it will be returned to you. Discussing financial freedom with those close is recommended now. If you want to move or downsize to give yourself more freedom, talk about it this week and look for smart solutions to living the type of home-life you want.The New Moon and Summer solstice encourage you to plant new seeds that encourage you to express your creative powers. Swimming or being near bodies of water like by a pool or at the beach will give you great energy that inspires you. When you’re in your element and focused on positive growth in your life, your magic shines. If you’re the artistic type, just be attentive to your spending on resources so you don’t go overboard. Lovely acquaintances can positively change you.

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Saturn is Retrograde in Sagittarius
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