Full Moon in Capricorn July 9, 2017. Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes for July 3 to 9, 2017

This week we have Venus enter Gemini on July 4, 2017 at 8:11 pm ET. This of course symbolizes a different significance for each sign, but generally discussions about love, our relationship to material possessions, nature and shared information about money come into focus. Chance meetings at random could turn into romance. An eye catching look could say a lot.

Mercury in Cancer and Uranus in Aries at odds on this day can leave some feeling frazzled and confused by surprises and conflicting information.

Mercury enters Leo on July 5, 2017 at 8:20 pm ET. This is a great week to get back into your creative expression. Vocal expression, such as singing, or work in the entertainment industry on stage or in front of a camera can bring highlight to the next few week. Gossip will likely run up a notch in the media.

With Venus and Mercury having a positive connection this week as well, romantic connections are in the air. Those that like to be done up and decorated are likely to get lots of attention.

We officially have a Full Moon in Capricorn on Sunday, July 9, 2017 at 12:07 am ET. The Moon meets Pluto retrograde in Capricorn just a couple of hours later and then opposes Mars in Cancer.

The energy build up during this week could be quite palpable as we get closer to the weekend. The Full Moon can indicate and increased intensity to political, business and financial affairs and shifts of power. We are in a period of needing to purge a lot of old ways out of the larger systems in our society, but stubbornness can impact the process. The power structure of society is in focus and more people are questioning what’s really going on behind the scenes. Mars is symbolizes the god of war, so there can be an intensity and a power struggle. With Mercury in Leo, the media is likely to be on full display with sensationalist, over-the-top gossip and conjecture that grabs a lot of attention.

This is a great time to take notice of what your goals are and the practical lifestyle you are working towards creating. What is distracting you, and what can you purge from your life that gets in the way of your own empowering goals? What eats up your time that you could be putting towards manifesting what you really want in life? What decisions do you need to make to transform your life so you are on track?

This Full Moon can mark a major turning point and transformation for your life. As we build up to that energy this week, more of us will wake up to our goals and recognize the changes necessary to reach our higher potential.

The the Sun and Neptune connecting positively mid-week before the Full Moon. Slipping into your fantasy world can be your best comfort zone and a healthy distraction from the messy side of life. The excessive, overt behavior seen in the world around us, encourages more to rethink what matters and rekindle a relationship with a more zen-like, spiritualized perspective on reality.

I’ll talk more about how all this, and more happening this week, relates to each sun sign in your Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes linked below….

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Enjoy Reading Your Weekly Horoscopes for All 12 Sun Signs

Aries: Make sure you are prepared in advance. Information that doesn’t have a solid stance could shake things up, so be sure you’ve got your ducks in a row to start the week. Being receptive and willing to listen can work out best for your relationships. Make sure your heart is in your communications for best results. A jovial, entertaining quality will put you in good graces. The Full Moon brings attention to your business life. Deciding which way is best for you could be easier when all the cards are laid out on display. The Full Moon amplifies your awareness of the importance of your goals. What stands in your way? What do you need to get rid of to set yourself up for success? Take control and take charge so you’re able to support the whole life you really want to live.

Taurus: The point of having money is to have a secure foundation that supports your life. Learning more about money is a good idea for you this week, as is talking about ways to make more income to meet your wants and needs. It’s a good time to buy that book you’ve had your eye on to help you get your finances on track. It’s also a great week to be creative at home, where you feel most comfortable and free to express yourself. Artists could discover their works are worthy of financial reward. Socializing, including online, with those that are imaginative and creative can bring positive results and realizations this week. The Full Moon has you rethinking your aims in life and the effort required to make it happen. Your changing worldviews could reset your goals for travel and how you want to experience more of life.

Gemini: Love is an important part of your life, and becomes more evident this week. Not only are your relationships to those close highlighted now, but self-love and self-respect are in focus. It’s also a good week to consider who you want in your life or not. Are you comfortable with certain people but not with others? Does there seem to be a natural rapport with some people, but with others everything always seems to be off? As the week gets moving, you’ll find gossip, entertainment and small talk with interesting, creative, fun people to be best suited. Wise ideas about work and career can light you up this week. Go with the flow and see where it takes you. The Full Moon reminds you that getting rid of debt and making more money is an important part of taking charge of your personal power.

Cancer: Mercury leaves your sign this week. Thoughts about yourself will be less in the way, and you’ll likely be less self-conscious, which will make room for you to take action on the spot and going for it. Intelligent, creative ways to make money will be on your side in July. However, sometimes we want things to move along fast to reach goals, but there can be obstacles in the way that slow us down which can lead to frustration. This Full Moon will give you a clear indication of the obstacles and conditions that are holding you back. The demands and rules set up or demanded by others can push you to exert yourself to find your freedom. Talking about your higher wishes and outlook on life, as well as considering your larger financial direction, can bring you much wisdom that empowers you.

Leo: You’re probably going to want to start thinking of yourself first. You don’t need to be dramatically selfish or self centered to do so. It’s simply that being self-aware will help you make better decisions that are right for you. Thinking well of yourself, and speaking true to yourself is highly recommended this week. Other people will respect your honesty and feel a rapport with you. You could also find that an enlightening moment of realization positively impacts your psychology and view of life, helping you to go with the flow and feeling brighter than usual. The Full Moon indicates a change in your lifestyle is due. Out with the old ways that only hold you back and waste time. A new schedule that focuses on different goals is recommended. Find your power.

Virgo: You’re known to be smart and practical. This week your smarts get a dose of heart that can lead to practical results you love. Your career comes into focus. Yes, of course, do what you love, that really is one of the very best routes to achieve real success in life. But also do what excites your imagination and allows you to use your intelligence to create results that have an impact that captures people’s attention. Creative design, photography or artwork that gets people to enter dreamlands of imagination can make a real statement that reaches to the heart of an audience. The Full Moon can reveal what’s going right and wrong creatively, ultimately helping you to shift the landscape towards making the meaningful impact you want. Socializing with creative types will light you up inside.

Libra: If you want to find satisfaction you’ve got to enjoy the pleasures of the world. Spend some time daydreaming about the types of places you’d love to visit. Who would you take with you? What type of personalities would you like to be around you that would fit in with your very highest aspirations? What kind of entertaining experiences would make you feel alive and thriving? Now consider who is in your closest circle and those you deal with regularly. What needs to change in your world today to make your ideal vision of your future become a reality? This Full Moon encourages a transformation of your life. It’s time to purge your life of the things that are holding you back from your goals so you can make your dreams become real. Time is of the essence. Your willingness to change your life requires that you commit to taking action.

Scorpio: As one of the more creative, emotional signs your imagination can run wild, for better or worse. But, with the right mindset, you can make your intense energy work to your advantage. Building positive rapport with others, and speaking from the heart can win you opportunities and support. Your financial goals and career decisions are now highlighted, and will benefit best when you have a healthy blend of logic and creativity. Beauty, attractiveness, and clever entertainment value are best for any career related presentations this week. Your resourcefulness can do wonders, so leave no stone unturned. Keep all this in mind as we head towards the Full Moon late in the week. If your aims are faced with obstacles, it’s best to acknowledge your feelings and intentionally bring a level of calm to help you find balance with others. A maturing change in the way you communicate is an important part of your growth this week.

Sagittarius: A loving relationship that allows you to communicate at a heart level is an important part of your personal development in July. If it’s romantic, that’s wonderful, but it can also be platonic or even in business relationships. The key is to happily share your personality as authentically as possible. Though you may feel some inhibitions, if there is trust, you can open up a bit to give yourself some positive relief. Share your dreams, hopes and wishes, and enjoy some of the simple pleasures in life like entertainment and travel. Even short distance trips will do you wonders. Life is short. Time is limited. So make the most of it, and share in the joys of life whenever possible. The Full Moon can bring attention to what needs to change so you can build the life you really want. If money is a concern, this is the time to discuss ways to shift your relationship to money so you aren’t restricting yourself from the options money can grant you.

Capricorn: There’s a Full Moon in Capricorn this week and you could find yourself feeling a strong need to change your life. Not only is the Full Moon connecting with Pluto retrograde in your sign, but Mars will also be a part of the package. Intense feelings are likely to be a part of the shifts within you now. It is your identity that is changing and what you associate with. Ultimately you want to feel good about yourself and empowered. Your willingness and willpower followed by real actions are necessary to make it count. Purge the inhibitions and inadequacies that you may focus on too much, and get back in touch with your power. Decisions you make this week could change your lifestyle dramatically. Do research and find resources that will help you make the jump towards the type of life you know you deserve to manifest.

Aquarius: What you talk about gets noticed this week, especially if you love the topic. But if you’re faking it to make it, or focusing on something just to garner attention, that is likely to be highly noticeable this week too. Your words could say one thing, but your habits and lifestyle could say another. Your attention will likely head towards relationships as the week progresses. A date or outing with a significant other can go well mid-week. You could also have an epiphany about making money and your beliefs about it. The Full Moon later in the week reminds you that your karma needs to be cleared. You’ve got some baggage that needs to be surrendered so you can release some of your past. This can have a strong impact on your way forward, influencing your work, your lifestyle, beliefs and goals. The actions you feel determined to take will speak volumes of your internal changes.

Pisces: The people that love you most can offer you some practical advice worth sharing this week and vice versa. It’s good to communicate from the heart, discuss lifestyle options and the work you do in the world. Life is just as much about what you give as what you get out of it. Using your time to serve your very best to the lives of others, builds bridges and bonds that reach deep into your heart. Making your daily routines fun and entertaining gives you good energy. You are likely to wake up to realizations this week that warm your soul and encourage you to utilize your creative spirit. The Full Moon reminds you that you need to clear out clutter from your life, which could include acquaintances that no longer jive with your goals or mission. It’s a good week to redefine yourself and decide who you’re going to take along for the ride.

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