Mercury enters Virgo. Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes for July 24 to 30, 2017

I picked raspberries this weekend. I'm a huge advocate of eating healthy, natural foods.
Picking your own fruit is an awesome way to get in touch with nature.

We just had a New Moon in Leo on Sunday, July 23, 2017. 

As I also mentioned in last week’s horoscope, Mercury met with the North Node in Leo.

The Leo energy is a big part of our movement forward this week and for the month ahead.

The Moon also meets up with the North Node on Monday, July 24, 2017. The mental and emotional patterns that have been coming up for you recently are worth noting and exploring further. They can signify a shift and growth in your personal development toward living your life’s destiny.

Leo is a fire sign, and is an active, creative, confident sign that loves to participate in the expression of life. This week, your relationship to arts and entertainment can give you much insight about your direction in life.

To feel your best, focus on doing things that would make you feel proud of yourself.

Mercury in Leo, connects with Uranus in Aries - another fire sign on Monday July 24, 2017.

Writing down your thoughts is a must. The uncanny coincidences, impulses of ideas, flashes of insight can create dramatic shifts in your way of thinking. Sudden realizations can totally change your perspective on your identity. What you think about you shall become. Are you ready for a new you? A new part of your personality can emerge this week. Pay attention… key words and ideas you may come across at random could catch your ear by surprise putting your mind on a totally new track.

I don’t want to forget that Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius are at odds also on Monday, July 24, 2017. Whatever has held you back from living the life you want, and however you have limited yourself is worthy of discussion this week. Life is a complicated thing, but quite often it is our thoughts that get in our way, and hold us back. This can be a good time to admit where you may have failed to value yourself and others in high regard, and to resolve to change your thinking patterns and what you say. Though we each may have a different philosophy on life, we can meet halfway and place respect as a larger priority.

This is also a good time to look at your financial picture to get realistic about how your choices are leading to, or holding you back from, the bigger picture of your life. We all need a good break once in awhile and a change of scenery. Looking at vacation ideas will do you well. Do research, figure out prices and locations that would be most suitable to your entertainment needs. You don’t need to book your flight now, but thinking more about some time away to see the world from a different perspective can give you something positive to look forward to.

Venus positively connects with the North Node in Leo on July 26, 2017 and then connects with Uranus in Aries to finish the week on Sunday, July 30, 2017. Conversations and messages that touch your heart out of the blue can surprise you and greatly influence your path forward.

Mercury enters Virgo on July 25, 2017 at 7:42 pm ET. This is one of my favorite placements in the zodiac. This is great for organizing and getting your life in order. Paperwork, finances, workflow, scheduling and time management get an extra boost now. Getting your business and lifestyle on track is awesome. Being on top of your routines in life, and creating efficient, effective plans can make a big difference in your life.

A lot of people are disorganized and all over the place, pulled this way and that. Now is a great time to get focused and in tune with the patterns you are creating in your life. Acknowledge the outcomes and results your day to day routines lead to.

If your mind is often on overdrive, you are a worry wart, or have obsessive compulsive tendencies, intentionally stepping away from tasks, giving yourself reasonable breaks and time for meditation can provide grounding and structured relief from a hurried mind.

Nutrition, health and wellness routines also do well to be ordered and measured so that you can track your progress. Spending more time reading and developing your skills is also recommended this week as you’ll make intelligent gains.

Mars meets the Sun in Leo on July 26, 2017 at 8:57 pm ET. Mars and the Sun will be close all week in Leo. You could notice some energized, enlivened personalities, but it's also likely that tension is present for a lot of us. Anger and frustration can be motivation to take action!

Do be cautious of the ego this week though. It can get out of hand for those that haven't mastered their emotional reactions and responses. Drama can show up quickly and take center stage. If you have heart issues or high blood pressure, a moment of meditation can help bring you the calm you need in stressful situations.

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Enjoy Reading Your Weekly Horoscopes for All 12 Sun Signs

Aries: This week is great for developing your confidence. Knowing that you have work to do to get to where you want to be can provide you with the motivation and added fuel to take the lead. Talk about what you love in life and you will open doors to get you on track. You are likely to have a revelation about your identity, and your philosophy on life this week. Accounting for each of the steps along the way to create the life you want and tracking your progress is a sure-fire way to set the stage for strong leadership skills to grow. A confident attitude can set the stage for powerful transformation.

Taurus: Your financial security is highly important this week. Where you have made financial mistakes in the past that have held you back, especially choices around debts, can be great a great teaching aid worth learning from now. Since having a secure foundation to work from so you can enjoy your life and your future is of utmost importance, you would do well to get educated on a variety of financial security topics. Since money touches just about every area of everyone’s lives, the more you discuss it, and plan for an orderly future, the more likely you are to get yourself on track to feeling the sense of security so important for Taureans. This week, smart choices with a long term vision will help you to feel capable, accomplished and strong. You would also do well to get your artistic, creative side organized. Carve out time to do anything artistic so you can manifest something tangible that you can be proud of.

Gemini: Self worth means a lot more to Geminis these days. Other people may not be able to reflect back to you the sense of self worth you deserve though. But don’t worry, other people are often in their own world dealing with their own issues, and you shouldn’t have to depend on others to have a healthy sense of your own value anyway. The New Moon that is now growing, sets you up for positive self expression. With your gift of gab you could impress people easily by the slip of the tongue. A word, idea or poignant phrase that comes out in conversations could put you on a whole new tangent of ideas to explore and share. Know that your thoughtfulness means a lot and can make a big impact on those around you. Getting your house in order, and creating a routine, can give you a healthy foundation to your thinking processes that works to your benefit.

Cancer: You could have slower progress as the week begins. Perhaps you are in a dreamier state and would rather be passively reflecting on life than pushing against the daily grind of responsibilities. It’s okay to take a mindful break, but a schedule will help you ensure you don’t miss out or fall behind your routine tasks. Confidence in your finances is especially important now. Having a security blanket and healthy foundation is so essential for Cancerians. But you also need to ensure that making a good income is also fun. You need to feel like you’re creative, energized and alive, not like a robot just going through the motions for a paycheck. Talk to people about work and lifestyle this week and you could discover a new path that gives you drive and determination to create the lifestyle you want and need.

Leo: The New Moon in Leo is now growing. You are in a period of great transformation that will be with you for weeks to come. This is your time to awaken to a new you, which means that an old part of your identity could fade away to make room for better parts of yourself to shine. If you’re going to have anyone in your life coming along for the ride, it is important that you have kind, loving and creative people by your side to help keep you motivated and inspired. This is your birthday month and to live the life you want, you’ve got to shine bright and express the higher vibration of your confident, creative sign. Own your power, be a leader, be proud of yourself and take charge, but do be careful that your ego doesn’t get to your head and result in selfish behavior. Selfishness will get you zero Brownie points. Also highly important this week is getting your finances in order by working on your budget and assessing your income and long term plans. This will be a highly important focus this week and further into August. Remember, the details count. I will be writing a special report coming soon, so check back in a few days for more.

Virgo: Life is a mystery, and one of the best parts is getting to create the life you want anew whenever you make a real decision to change and then follow it by real action. As you ponder the meaning of life, and how you want to navigate your karmic road forward, you will be greeted by flashes of insight worth writing down this week. Your identity, your money, and your career are three areas that could find benefit this week by taking a kind, generous, and wise leadership approach. By being active, engaged, conversational, approachable and especially creative minded, you will build bridges that benefit your larger goals in life. The right attitude has a significant impact on your results. Get ready for a week of personal growth. Be the organized, intelligent thinker and you will make a great impression.

Libra: If you have ideas about where you want to flourish in life, but aren’t finding conversations with others are supportive of your higher wishes, you may need to look for people that are on a higher wavelength. Recognizing how others limit themselves and hold themselves back from enjoying the good things in life can be a good reminder that you become the company you keep. So be sure to keep good company. New people could show up in your life, or you may start to see another side of people. Focus on those that are inspired, enthusiastic and want to take charge and lead their lives with good intentions. They are the types of influences you want. Take some time to ponder the meaning of your existence, and then make a real plan, with real steps to align yourself with the skills and intelligence needed to create the lifestyle you deserve.

Scorpio: Taking on leadership qualities can come naturally for Scorpios, but you do need to be careful that you don’t go full fledged power tripping and dominate everyone around you. Scorpios are powerful signs, and nobody likes to get on your bad side. If you’ve got emotional intelligence to help you overcome flairs of the ego, you can use your power to create a strong career and strong bonds in relationships in the process. Whether you are itching for a new career, or simply feel the urge to push towards some new goals, you’ve got leadership abilities that come naturally to you now that can work in your favor. Bring out your best, talk to people that are organized and on track, and you are likely to have flashes of insight that help you make powerful decisions that motivate you to tread a path of success.

Sagittarius: Love can take you out of a funk in a second. Communicating from the heart can save you from feats like depression and anxiety. Sagittarius is known as an open, happy go lucky sign, but like everyone, self doubt and the weight of life can bring you down a notch sometimes. Well, not to worry for long though. If you’ve been feeling stuck in any way in life, you are likely to get reminders of how you are loved and valued this week. Plus you’ve got great support from the growing New Moon in Leo to keep you motivated and inspired to find the bright spots of life. This week is all about seeing the big picture and knowing that you can create the future you want. You’ll also get best insights into career matters when you get your paperwork, files and information in order. A smart routine will keep your mind on track towards productive results that matter.

Capricorn: This can be an empowering time for you. With the New Moon in Leo growing forward now, leadership qualities are emphasized. The leadership qualities you have within you come naturally, and now they can take on a whole new level of determination. Your practical side coupled with new motivation can take you to the next level of self empowerment. This is also an excellent time for the creative Capricorn’s. Drama, flair, extravagance, and a strong personality are all resources you can tap into now to express yourself and make a lasting impact. Focusing more on the joyous, entertaining side of life will help you feel like you’re on track to your power. Smart outfits that express your creativity can turn heads and draw attention too. Have fun with owning your power this week. Much progress can be made by smart choices. New habits and practicing the skills that you know serve your higher vision of your life are an excellent route to your success now.

Aquarius: Being in relationships isn’t all about what you want when connecting with another. There’s always a need for compromise. This week communication in your relationships becomes paramount, and it could go over quite well. As long as you are conscious of how other’s see the world a bit differently than you do, and you don’t get stuck in a stubborn point of view of your own, things should work out nicely. Sometimes you need to forget about your own wants a little to let others shine bright so you can understand them and yourself better for it. You may like being the center of attention, but letting someone else have the spotlight could actually open you up to big realizations about yourself and humanity. Enjoy the nuanced characteristics of others and know that they are on their own journey and have their own destiny. Be glad that you get to connect and be a part of the journey. Treat someone else like a King or Queen and be glad you get to see them radiate the confident side of their personality.

Pisces: If your career is feeling a bit stagnant, or if it’s taking up too much of your time, you may need to prioritize your home life a bit more. Talking to loved ones more frequently, can be a big part of this week. Communication is essential for meaningful bonds to flourish. You don’t have to have deep conversations, just small talk and a loving attitude can go a long way to improving your lived experience. Having healthy bonds will give you a better sense of security. New ideas about money management and ways to make more income can show up from your conversations this week as well. Creating a lifestyle that you can be proud of is emphasized. You want to be confident and motivated each day and feel like you’re working towards something that is meaningful and destined. Getting excited about planning, ensuring creativity is a big part of the process, and communicating from the heart to create valuable bonds that matter is essential to your successful momentum forward.

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Venus is in Gemini
Mars is in Leo
Jupiter is in Libra
Saturn is Retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
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