Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes for July 10 to 16, 2017

I picked delicious strawberries this weekend. They're awesome! 

As this week begins the Sun in Cancer connects with Pluto in Capricorn on Monday, July 10, 2017 as a continuation of what the Full Moon in Capricorn emphasized last week.

The importance of purging obstacles from your life that are holding you back is further emphasized this week. Releasing whatever is wasting your time and getting in the way of finding your joyful power is necessary to feel lighter and capable of reaching your goals. Sometimes you just have to say “No” so you can say “Yes” to something better.

If career is taking over your personal life and family life, you may need to make an executive decision on what matters to you more.

Mercury and Jupiter connect on July 14, 2017. Entertainment and gossip may be trivial but it can help you find a sense of equilibrium in a tense political environment. The media will be in full swing with dramatic, sensationalist headlines that sway opinions. Biases will be evident and the message in the news is most likely to be highly embellished or exaggerated for intended effects.

Big ideas could come up for you to ponder further. Making hasty decisions that are risky should be avoided, but ideas that aren't risky deserve to be explored. Look at all the angles and pros and cons before going ahead with a major decision. It is advised to look at the other side of the story and be cautious of biases that are affecting perspectives.

It could be easy to make mountains out of mole hills this week, and to exaggerate, but it's also easy to overlook details. Try to find a middle ground and balance the equation.

It's a great week to read and learn about subjects that interest you. Dive into your art if you’re into writing, producing, directing, singing, acting to get your creative juices flowing. Theatrics and arts of all types that have a larger message of diversity, peace and harmony can get more attention.  

This would also be a great time to go on a date, see a movie, and enjoy entertainments with a significant other. Do be careful with gambling. Set your limits if you visit a casino or play the lottery as it’s easy to overspend while having fun now. Whether you are usually in your own little world, or you see the big picture, exploring the diversity of personalities and expressions around you can teach you a lot about life. Finding commonalities with others through the arts can lead to great conversations and meaningful relationships.

I’ll talk more about how all this, and more happening this week, relates to each sun sign in your Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes linked below….

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Aries: Cleaning up your home office and getting paperwork in order, shredding old, unnecessary files can give you some breathing room. If your office space or home environment are dark and dreary, brighten them up by pulling back the blinds and letting the light shine in. Clearing up messes this week will help you get on track and in order. Go out and enjoy some leisure time with friends, or go on a date. Relationships are an important part of life. Don’t let work consume so much time that you forget to have fun.

Taurus: It’s a good week to get your thoughts in order. If you’ve got less than stellar ideas about life, you may want to do a good cleanse, and purge out those outworn ideas. It’s a great time to enjoy exploring new foods, especially those that are exotic. Working with interesting recipes from around the world can give you a deeper appreciation of the gifts diversity in culture can bring. Create harmony in your home environment by getting your space in order and adding some color and flair for inspiration. Making your space ready for entertainments will bring you good energy to your relationships. Make a harmonious lifestyle your go-to subject.

Gemini: Getting rid of debt is highly recommended now. If you’ve got a lump sum, put it down and save yourself the interest. Being frugal and smart about money will help prevent you from digging yourself into financial burdens. Minimize temptations by not placing yourself in the presence of temptations. It could be difficult though, as this week the urge to enjoy entertainment is likely to be heightened for you. By giving yourself a budget, you can still have fun, while being responsible. Being decisive about how you spend money is a good thing.

Cancer: You are in a period of self discovery. It’s your birthday month and it’s time to shine the light on yourself and decide which way you’re going next. If you’re unsure about relationships, you may need to take a break. Letting go of people that have a negative influence on your life is sometimes necessary so you can create and reach goals you know you deserve to accomplish. Making money is an important part of your development now. Getting educated on how to create the financial life you want, and learning more about real estate options can be good for your larger plans in life.

Leo: How you use your life to make a difference matters. You are here to not just be a consumer of what life has to offer, but you have greatness within you that needs to be served to the world around you. Let your big ideas about life be your guide to taking practical action that makes a difference now. Let go of at least one bad habit this week that wastes your time, so you can get on with using your time more efficiently to reach awesome goals. Talk about your dreams and big wishes for life and you will be redefined. Think more about the destiny and legacy you want to create, and take one step at a time.

Virgo: People come into our lives and change us in one way or another. Good friends, and associates can make life better, especially when you’re on the same page and have a common vision of how you want to make an impact in life. But others can get you into bad habits that you end up regretting or lead you to temptations that you’d rather let go of. This is the week to focus on your alliances with friends and acquaintances that you know are a positive influence. It can be easy to spend and gamble this week, so be decisive. A focus on creating good karma, harmony and prosperity is well suited to your growth.

Libra: Clearing out your home and decluttering can be a therapeutic practice that shifts your energy. Not only is it the physical objects in your home that count now, but also the rules and ways in which you operate in your family dynamic that could use a good clear out and shift of energy. When your personal life is in better order, and you have a more orderly foundation to work from, your larger goals in life will be easier to reach. People that are creative and encourage you to express yourself more fully are the ones to connect with this week.

Scorpio: Change your words to change your life. What you talk about and think about could use a clear out. If you’ve been limiting yourself by having limiting thoughts, it’s time to create a shift. Get rid of the negative words when you speak. Think bigger, brighter and broader about the world. Talk about yourself and life in ways that lightens you up and brings a more comforting energy to yourself and those around you. You have so much potential, and can use your mind to create incredible outcomes. Your goals are only limited by your imagination, so think big and invite an abundance of positivity in your life this week.

Sagittarius: Time and money tend to go hand in hand. Are you spending enough quality time on developing a prosperous, financially stable foundation in your life? Are you able to vacation and enjoy the entertainments of life? Debt, mortgages, credit cards, aren’t really prosperity. They are simply a temporary illusion that only pushes off responsibility to repay into the future, plus interest. Why set yourself to slave away on repayments far into your future? You are in a process of learning about the value of your time. It is your most precious commodity. Start reading about and learning from people that live debt free. Learning an all new way of seeing the world can change your life.

Capricorn: There’s so much going on out there in the world. There are so many opportunities. Those of us that live in western civilization have got it pretty good. We generally get to decide what route we want to take and if we’ve got the willpower, stamina and determination we can make just about anything happen. You’re going through a change. Getting rid of self doubts is an important part of your process now. Look to others out there that are shining bright and going for it. They can inspire you and give you comfort knowing that it really is possible. To get the career lifestyle you want, speak up about what you want, and become that person. Take on the characteristics of growth and success and you’ll already be halfway there.

Aquarius: The quality of your efforts in your work and in creating the comfortable lifestyle you want are highly dependent on your internal beliefs. Purging some of your long-standing, even stubborn, beliefs about life and the world can change you deeply. Maybe what you had faith in wasn’t as true as you once believed. Perhaps your beliefs weren’t giving you the results you wanted. Clearing out some of your limiting beliefs can help you regain your power and your light now. Your dreams may also act as a cleansing ground for your subconscious this week. A person or message can change your worldview and what you believe about life later in the week. Food, nutrition and exercise can play an important role in your lifestyle changes now.

Pisces: You’ll shine brightest when you’re being actively engaged in creativity this week. Whether you are a fine artist, a writer, dreamer, musician, photographer or philosopher, whatever feels good and gets you into a creative groove is well worth your time. Make sure that whoever you have in your social circle is not weighing you down with baggage you don’t really want to deal with. Don’t spend too much time dealing with other people’s conflicts and issues unless it is absolutely necessary. Focus more of your time on creating a lifestyle that is fun, positive, expressive and guided by smart decisions and learning. Access your inner genius to create a greater abundance of possibilities for your life.

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