The Great American Solar Eclipse. Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes for August 14 to 20, 2017

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Mercury is now Retrograde until September 5, 2017.

Mercury is now Retrograde in Virgo. Returning to a healthier, mind-body connection is indicated during this Mercury Retrograde cycle. What habits do you engage in that are harmful to your well being and need to be replaced with healthier habits?

Meditation, Yoga and similar mindfulness practices are recommended to get you reacquainted with a more centered and balanced body and mind.

Questioning correct processes and procedures in business are indicated. Looking behind the scenes and noticing the effects of repeating patterns can help you purge time wasters from your life. Mercury retrograde suggests we take a closer look at the details so we can make adjustments and fine tune our routines to be more organized.

Memories of mistakes you’ve made in social situations are also indicated. Perhaps you put your foot in your mouth at one time, and it has long term influences on your karma. This could be the time to either let it go, or deal with it by having that tough conversation in an effort to resolve misunderstandings.

If you have ever watched the sitcom Three’s Company, you will understand exactly how Mercury Retrograde operates. That show is completely based on misunderstandings, mishaps and misinterpretations.

It's not easy to keep promises now. If you've made claims you'd do something, you may change your mind. Try to not promise you'll take on certain tasks, especially if you don't have experience doing them from before. You may discover that getting down to doing the work and the time it takes, is much different than just saying you'd do it.

This week Venus in Cancer stands in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn on Tuesday, August 15, 2017.

Relationships, particularly with family, or those close like-family, are in a challenging position. But, if love is prioritized over power and ego, resolutions are possible.

The feeling of protection and security we often associate with family, can feel challenged by the larger influences in our lives, such as bureaucratic policies of corporate or political affairs. Venus loves a warm heart and shared love, but politics and corporate rules and authority can be so cold and calculated on an agenda and mission that the human, caring connection and purpose can be lost. More love for those close can help keep people you care about feeling more stable and secure this week.

The Sun meets the North Node in Leo on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at 6:12 pm.

As we know, The Great American Solar Eclipse is coming up on August 21, 2017. I highly recommend during this eclipse season to discover what it is that you could do or be that would make you feel proud and driven to succeed in your life. If you were to become a new person, and shed your old skin, what would that persona look like?

Mars is also in Leo close-by. There has been plenty of dramatic saber rattling in the political sphere, with an escalation of egos clashing and warrior posturing.

These are a sign of the times. We also have Uranus Retrograde in Aries since August 4th, which puts the ego and self-identity at center stage. Uranus represents an archetypal rebel. No wonder there are so many clashes between people regarding political ideologies and cultural differences these days! According to astrology, the dramatics will only get more intense.

Venus is also in Square to Jupiter this week on Thursday, August 17, 2017. Home and family get more attention. Judgment and opinion of right and wrong can come into larger focus. We may also see more attention to challenges of biases in rights, laws and values. Censorship of opinions and judgments in the media are highlighted by strong emotions.

Mars and Jupiter are in aspect on Sunday, August 20, 2017.
Actions will be judged. Egos in escalating focus, can become blown out of proportion. We can expect social discussions, entertainment, and media to be extra dramatic.

If maturity and sound judgment is in the picture, then the results will be better, but with Mercury retrograde and everything else going on these days, we could see a boost in propaganda war talk, unfortunately. Diplomacy is the better option, and will require real effort.

Pluto and Jupiter at odds these days, with the added warrior ego boost of Mars could bring an over the top demonstration. Plus Uranus in Retrograde… no wonder so many people are clashing with their identities and the desire for personal power is on the rise! Differences and judgments are in focus lately. People will tend to be more defensive, more protective, and more combative for their side of the coin.

With Mercury Retrograde, saying the wrong thing can lead to wrong actions. Since people often tend to react emotionally, and we know what emotions can do to people, logical reasoning could be out the window.

Eclipse season will bring out many revelations.

The most powerful transformations in our lives during this eclipse season require finding the truth.

I talked more about The Great American Solar Eclipse here! I'll have a lot more to say about it in a few days.

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