Pluto Stations Direct in Capricorn.

Mercury is at odds with Saturn early this week. Timing can be a challenge, and impatience is indicated. People with different lifestyles, goals, beliefs and worldviews can have conflicts. Fact and fiction can be at a crossroads and communications under scrutiny. A sense that time is short can be a strong impetus to create change, especially for those that feel stuck in an unsatisfying lifestyle routine.

Venus, Mars and Mercury are still in Virgo. This is a time to know when to be active and when to be passive. Being more attentive to making smarter choices and being more engaged and focused on the steps to developing the life you want is highlighted. Getting your finances in order can bring you a sense of power. It’s a great time to focus on self mastery, and learning new skills. Obsessing over details too much can make you hot under the collar though. I talked more about the planets in Virgo last week.

Jupiter and Uranus are in opposition on Thursday this week. Relationships could find the pendulum swings a bit too far. Realizing who you do and don’t relate to and identify with can significantly change your way forward. As well, the Equifax debacle that puts people’s identity at risk is just another demonstration of the times we live in. Issues regarding travel could rise quickly. New information can change views in a second.

This can be polarizing as well as uniting, bringing emphasis to competitiveness as well as highlighting the need for cooperation.

Biases and differences of opinion have been emphasized greatly with Jupiter and Uranus at odds. We've been noticing this much more in the past year.

Now this final meeting of Jupiter and Uranus can bring surprising, even shocking results in how we relate to others. Clashes of ego and beliefs are likely to capture the spotlight. The overblown rhetoric of identity politics and the polarization in the media could get even more overbearing this week.

Biases can not reveal the whole truth, as they are decidedly one side of the story. To know the real truth, a truly objective perspective that questions all sides of the story is a must. Truth and justice, if they are to be real, requires no skewing of perspectives to fit an intended agenda.

Disagreements and conflicts can be overblown and create division, but they can also have the opposite effect in personal relationships. Difficulties in partnerships can lead to breakthrough moments that remind us of the importance of people in our lives, and can ultimately lead to new perspectives that draws people closer together.

Respect and diplomacy are recommended in all relationships this week to help keep the peace. The real truth should be priority.

Pluto stations Direct in Capricorn on Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 3:36 pm ET. I wrote extensively about Pluto retrograde here.

Now we’re heading direct. In our personal lives we are going through a transition of goals and motivations. This can indicate a strong drive and ambition to create great change in our lifestyle and larger goals, especially regarding financial, business and career objectives. Pluto in Capricorn also speaks highly to political and corporate business interests, so we can expect a drive towards shifts of power to head us in a new direction as we continue into the rest of 2017. The structure of our society is changing. The ego and competitiveness take a strong lead towards the transformation of our world.

Venus and Neptune are at odds on Friday. The world needs more people to be of service from the heart. Do you love what you do? Do you live a materialistic lifestyle to accumulate and consume for yourself, or do you wish to give and share with others a more meaningful, valuable life from the heart? Those with addiction problems can find reaching out for help can bring healing to the heart and spirit now.

Mercury enters Libra on Friday, September 29, 2017 at 8:42 pm ET. This is a chatty place for Mercury to be, with the air element emphasized greatly. This can be good for understanding others especially if you’re working on improving your relationships with others. Even more bias in the media will be emphasized, but rational perspectives will be highly prized. Truth is valued, so intentionally misleading biases will not go unnoticed.

Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn connect on Sunday, October 1, 2017. This can be positive for setting goals and getting your life, career on track to building a strong legacy. This can also give an ego boost to the warrior kind of mentality though. We are likely to see tension in politics to grab a lot of attention. A show of force and a demonstration of ego can have us reevaluate the structure of our political systems.

I will be tweeting more key points as the week continues.

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