Happy Holidays! Weekly Horoscopes for December 25 to 31, 2017

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday with loved ones, friends and enjoying good energy from neighbors and acquaintances during this busy season. I can barely believe how quickly 2017 has gone by! It seems like every time I turn around it's a New Year! I will be keeping it super short this week for the holidays.

Thank you so much for reading your Horoscopes at Symbolic Living in 2017 and I'm looking to sharing more with you in 2018!

Venus enters Capricorn on December 25, 2017 at 12:25 am and will be in Capricorn until January 17, 2018. Venus also meets Saturn in Capricorn on December 25th.

A love of materialism is no stranger to this season. It is a natural thing, since we do live in a material world and see value what we can manifest.

This year, there is an emphasis on having goals that you love that matters to more of us. It's a great time to get in tune with your goals and setting your life up for success, as you will see in the Weekly Horoscope for your Sun Sign.

Mercury in Sagittarius connects with the Destiny Point in Leo on December 29, 2017, bringing extra creative ideas and fire to our lives. Focus your mind on your most positive aims to get your life on track to living your dreams.

Mars and Neptune have a positive connection this week on December 28, 2017. Intentional actions of good karma is your best bet for a positive, abundant holiday season.

I will be posting at random this week key points in the Daily Updates section.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing your Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes with your friends online!

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