Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius and Mars in Scorpio

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Hi everyone. Here is your quick overview for the week. I hope you have a fun December getting ready for the holidays!

We’re closing in on the end of 2017 already. The year flew by didn’t it!

Just remember that Mercury is Retrograde in Sagittarius. Were you on autopilot for most of the year, going through the motions of life as time just slips by? With Mercury retrograde now, it’s a good time to get rid of the obstacles and time suckers that have held you back, so you can be more on track to reaching those higher aims in life.

This can also be a difficult time to shop for the right thing for the holidays, and you could waste a lot of time browsing while being indecisive. Issues with shipping and travel are possible too as Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius governs long distance exchanges. So, be sure to pay extra attention to the details and fine print, keep your receipts, and make sure all the information you need to send out a delivery is correct. Machines may be glitchy, so having extra cash in your wallet is recommended just in case.

Chiron in Pisces stations direct on Tuesday, December 5, 2017. Read More about Neptune Direct in Pisces here.

This is a good time to heal emotional issues, clear up karma and make changes to your approach to the spiritual side of life. This is a compassionate, do unto others as you’d have them do to you, shift in perspective. For those with addictions to drugs and alcohol, this could be a turning point to change your path forward.

Mercury, Mars and Saturn...

Mercury Retrograde is hovering over Saturn in the last degrees of Sagittarius this week. I talk more about this in last week’s horoscope - Mercury Retrograde and the Galactic Center.

Mars in Libra also connects to Mercury and Saturn on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 making it a good time to ponder how you’re balancing your time, responsibilities and actions effectively, or not.

Spending more time thinking about mistakes and errors you’ve made in the past and ways to correct them by not repeating those patterns is helpful this week.

Decision making and long term planning may not be so easy now with Mercury retrograde and Saturn close this week, but Mars injects a sense of needing to take correct action. This will require extra effort though. Mercury retrograde can definitely signify a battle between stupidity and intelligence.

Don’t be surprised if you stub a toe when you aren’t paying attention. Mindlessness will lead to real-world consequences. Pay attention to your surroundings and physical environment.

If someone tries to convince you to take action on something you don’t want to, think things through before committing. The balance between yes and no is up for debate.

We could also see more focus on fake news, and disagreements between big players on the world stage. The truth is not so easy to find.

Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday, December 9, 2017 at 3:59 am ET. Read the Jupiter in Scorpio horoscope here.

Mars is the ruler of Scorpio, so is right at home here. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio.

This says intensity! Mars is a fiery planet in watery Scorpio, making for some dramatic emotional actions and reactions. With Mercury retrograde, logic is out the window, so the emotional side of people could take over. This is not good if you’re rushing and fumbling to get in your last minute shopping!

We can see how secrets that have come out in the open thanks to Jupiter in Scorpio, is changing the psychology about people in positions of authority. With Mars in Scorpio now, strong feelings toward people in power positions (Pluto in Capricorn) could lead to some very loud actions. We could also see power moves, or a purge of sorts, in the banking and financial sector in December.

At the end of the week, Mercury and Uranus are positively aspected. Multiple new perspectives and epiphanies could dawn on you out of the blue.

You may not be able to make sense of everything with Mercury retrograde, but watch for repeating words or numbers that spontaneously show up to give you clues that you’re on the right track or not.

That’s not all… I’ll be sharing more that’s happening this week with the astrology posts in the Daily Updates sidebar. Your Planetary Transits for this week are also posted in the sidebar.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing your Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes with your friends online!

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