Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo January 31, 2018. Weekly Horoscopes for January 29 to February 4, 2018

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Well, it’s the last days of January and February is here! Whenever Autumn rolls around I always say, "It will be February before you know it," because I know time flies! And here we are.. before you know it, we'll be welcoming spring!

This week we have a Full Moon, Supermoon, Blue Moon, total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 8:27 am ET.

This Full Moon is also known in the media as the “Super Blue Blood Moon.”

2 weeks ago we had the New Moon in Capricorn. Now, that the Moon has grown, the Full Moon in Leo stands across from the Sun in Aquarius.

This is the second Full Moon in January, making it a “blue moon” - a Full Moon in a single month is rare. The Supermoon, means it is a bit closer to the earth making it appear larger and brighter than usual. The effects on tides can produce King Tides, and possibly earthquakes. Extremes are possible. In Astrology, the Supermoon signifies more emphasis and impact and it can be an extra emotionally charged time for many.
  • This Full Moon at 11 degrees of Leo is close to the Destiny Point at 14 degrees of Leo.
  • After the Full moon hits exact the Moon will slowly begin to wane and then meet the Destiny Point.
  • Venus is also close to the Sun in Aquarius at this Full Moon as well.
  • Plus we have Mercury entering Aquarius just 8 minutes after the Full Moon hits precision.

The Eclipse will only be seen partially in the early morning on the east coast of North America, but the west coast and Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and East Asia will enjoy the eclipse fully. See More About the Eclipse here.

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Since many people are in their own bubbles with their heads tilted toward their smartphones, etc., when an eclipse happens, people briefly pay more attention to what’s up in the heavens again. Naturally, when people aren’t in tune with nature’s cycles, when something less frequent happens, like an eclipse, it gets attention in the media and people tune back in to what’s happening in the bigger picture of the world around us.

Eclipses used to induce a lot of fear in people. Now that we know the mechanics of our solar system, we don’t fear eclipses like people used to, but with more people paying attention when they occur, we still see them as more significant. People now associate with eclipses as an important transition phase from the past into the future, like turning over a new leaf or entering a new chapter.

This Full Moon, Supermoon, Blue Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse speaks to how we are deciding to create our future. It signifies that we must look to how emotions have lead to where we are. As the Full Moon wanes it will connect with the Destiny Point signifying to let go of dramatics and ego games for a better future.

The Full Moon in Leo brings a fiery, masculine emphasis, that can be energetic and quick, brunt, blunt and forceful. This Full Moon also puts emphasis on the power of leadership and leaders.

With Venus close to the Sun and the Moon close to the Destiny point in Leo, it puts a strong spotlight on what’s been happening in the entertainment industry with an eye on the future of female power and groups.

Since Leo corresponds to the entertainment industry, and Jupiter entered into Scorpio just weeks after the eclipse, we have seen a whole lot of dirt coming out in the open. The hub of the entertainment industry, Hollywood, is in large focus and could go through an internal, deeper shift this week, perhaps hidden from public view, but possibly not so hidden.

The media is bigger and faster than ever in spreading information now that we’re all online. But a potent mix of information and misinformation can make things even more messy. We have to look at the intention behind the information, the source, and their own interests to see what’s really going on and why.

The Eclipse reminds us that people can be shady and do shady things. Jupiter in Scorpio implores that we dig deep and search broad to get to the real truth.

Mercury will enter Aquarius on January 31, 2018 at 8:38 am ET, pretty much the same time as the Full Moon Eclipse that occurs at 8:27 am ET.

Thoughts are increasingly on the future, particularly on innovation, technological advancements and information exchanges. We could see more talk of hacking and computer related intelligence including artificial intelligence. More talk on the future of money is expected to increase as well, and in any case, it's recommended that you start thinking about your financial future more now.

Aquarius signifies groups, but we do need to be careful when information is presented that we take a moment to think for ourselves before following along with groupthink. It’s not a great idea to have other people think and decide for you, or to just accept what is said and follow along on charged emotions.

We live in an information age, which is very Aquarian, and our minds flip from one idea to the next so fast these days. With so much information overload, biases and vastly differing points of view, it’s not so easy to discern the truth from fiction. Hearsay is not admissible in court for a reason. Real, concrete proof is required.

Scorpio, the sleuth of the zodiac, signifies that investigations and digging up dirt will continue in 2018 and will include broad legal action that spans the world. Jupiter in Scorpio reminds us of how important it is to find out the truth.

To change the future, we need to use our brains, to innovate and find smart solutions and keep our emotions in check so we can make best, logical decisions.

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