Tarot - King of Pentacles, Death, The Hanged Man

Rider Tarot - King of Pentacles/Coins, Death, The Hanged Man
Rider Tarot - King of Pentacles/Coins, Death, The Hanged Man
For this tarot reading we have The King of Pentacles/Coins, Death and The Hanged Man.

You can change your situation. No matter how fixed you think your situation is, or how stuck you feel in your position, or perhaps how high up you feel like you may be on your pedestal or in your ego, it can always change.

Any situation you may have in your life, it isn’t forever. You can redefine your life, redefine yourself, and become enlightened to a new way of being.

If you have built something in your life, a business, a way of life, a situation, a circumstance, a routine, a lifestyle… maybe that’s not really what you want anymore. Maybe you thought you wanted it a certain way, or you had an ideal of how life should be in order to have everything perfect, but perhaps it’s not what you want anymore. Perhaps it's not actually perfect. Perhaps you see that there are different options in life that you want. So what is it that you want to change?

Sometimes in order to achieve a goal or to manifest a certain status or way of life we have to be patient and willing to change ourselves to meet what is required to get there.

If you are an artist, creator or business person, perhaps you need to try something different, get out of the same established routine and try a different, unique, unexpected approach. Perhaps you need to be less fearful, stubborn, or resistant to change, and turn things on their head and shake things up a bit.

If health is a priority for you, learning about a new approach or an alternative, natural health care option could change your experience.

Sometimes we have to surrender and let go of the way things have been to move forward into a different light.

Perhaps what you thought was reality, actually isn’t really reality. Perhaps it’s an illusion, a projection, a biased point of view, and now you’re ready to see the other side of the coin.

A change in perspective can change your life.

Come back again to casually learn the art of the tarot.

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