Tarot - 8 of Pentacles, 6 of Wands, The High Priestess

Rider Tarot Deck - 8 Pentacles/Coins, 6 Wands, The High Priestess
Rider Tarot Deck - 8 Pentacles/Coins, 6 Wands, The High Priestess

When Mercury is no longer Retrograde it's time to go forward with confidence, and less hitches, errors and issues on your way to accomplishing good things.

I don't know about you, but Mercury Retrograde can be a real doozy for me. The issues can be overwhelming and frankly, quite nutty! Mercury direct tends to bring relief and a lot more clarity.

These cards represent processes. From the impersonal to the personal, from external work to internal work. A combination of well timed active and passive efforts brings success.

Strive to be your very best, to be productive and living up to your potential. When you care about what you’re doing and the output you’re creating, you are likely to reach higher ground. Be proud of your successes when taking on tasks and efforts that matter.

If you are working hard on a project or working towards something manifesting in the real world, the real success is in the inspiration and motivation to accomplish good results. Knowing you are doing your best brings peace of mind.

A balance of labor and internal reflection leads to success. If you’re studying a subject, you are likely to “get it” and solve problems successfully, taking you up a notch in the wisdom department.

In whatever you do and whatever you put forth, make it something of value, something worthwhile, something worth celebrating. Determination and concentration will bring good results.

Work hard to accomplish your goals. Once you achieve your aims, you can take some time to rest and reflect. After each accomplishment it is time to look back on how things came together, and use that knowledge to formulate your next steps forward.

The secret to success combines real world efforts with a meaningful purpose behind your actions. Through the process you will discover what you’re capable of. An optimistic outlook and understanding that you are the creator of your destiny will develop your confidence.

The more you do, the wiser you’ll get.

Though being recognized and praised by others could be motivating, the real success is when you know yourself that you’ve done your best. Reward yourself accordingly.

To do your best, make sure you have made a clear intention that is aligned with your greater potential.

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