Tarot - 9 of Pentacles, The Star, The Empress

Rider Tarot 9 of Pentacles, The Star, The Empress
Rider Tarot - 9 of Pentacles, The Star, The Empress

Yellow is distinct and common in each of these cards which represents active energy, thought and consciousness. Yellow can also represent inspiration, hope, wisdom and enlightenment.

The tarot always depicts a state of being in the art, whether active or passive. The tarot is a great tool for analyzing different states of being and how they work together.

Each of these cards are feminine in depiction. Even the center card references Venus with the stars arranged as a hand mirror. The 9 of Pentacles corresponds to Venus with the symbol repeated on her dress, and the Empress has the Venus symbol on her shield.

The progression of the cards is day, night and day again, referencing a cycle of progress, with a balance of active and passive attributes each step of the way.

It always takes time to get from point A to point B in life, but hope can make it all a worthwhile process. You can achieve a sense of accomplishment, attainment and satisfaction in life.

There are birds referenced in both the 9 of Pentacles and the Star card indicating accomplishment and a rising consciousness. Have faith that you can take flight on command and the future can become better.

Feeling content with your progress, grateful and hopeful for what you can make a reality, is an important part of manifesting the rewards you want in life.

If you don’t feel like you are where you would like to be in your life, this reading indicates it is time to create a vision for your life that will bring you peace and harmony. Take the time to look at where you are today and imagine the best possibilities from here. Daydreaming and imagining will help unlock great ideas.

Time in nature, bird watching, and enjoying the abundance the natural world shares can help you feel more at peace with your place in the world.

A little hope and faith in your attitude towards life can bring fruitful rewards.

Water in the Star and The Empress card indicate creating a flow in your life, and a higher state of consciousness can manifest good things.

These cards indicate starting with the best you’ve got and going forward to create even better. Creativity, beauty and appreciation are an important part of making this a good week.

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