Tarot - Page of Swords, 2 of Cups, The Empress, 3 of Cups

Rider Tarot - Page of Swords, 2 of Cups, The Empress, 3 of Cups
Rider Tarot - Page of Swords, 2 of Cups, The Empress, 3 of Cups
Here we have the Page of Swords, The 2 of Cups, The Empress and the 3 of Cups. Since we’ve had the Empress recently I pulled an additional card to take it a step further.

New information can set a positive direction in motion. Like the movement of clouds and birds, the information can come out of nowhere and take many forms so be on alert for inspiring ideas that come your way. Celebrate a new idea or new beginning.

It’s a good time to take practical steps and to ask questions and gather facts. Seeking the truth is signified.

A new understanding of yourself, and your inner child can lead to emotional maturity. Aligning with a new purpose can help you feel whole.

Considering an alternative perspective or being willing to listen to someone else’s point of view can create mutually beneficial bonds, respect and understanding.

Being open minded and willing to be cordial, cooperative and mutually respectful towards another leads to satisfaction.

This can signify meeting someone new, a conception and pregnancy for some, or an engagement, romance or marriage as inspiration for of a new beginning. Falling in love or the right chemistry with another can happen unexpectedly. You may learn of a new relationship.

Sharing, giving, receiving opens up opportunities for growth and abundance.

Learning about someone new or that you respect and admire can inspire you tremendously. The example of another can inspire you enough to open new avenues and possibilities for your own life. Reading biographies can help you see qualities to admire or look up to, qualities that you may just so happen to have yourself.

There is a very positive association with feminine qualities here. The Page is also known as Princesses in some decks. Celebrating the unique gifts and qualities of womanhood.

Be with those that give you a sense of comfort, inclusion and belonging so your best qualities can be brought forward. Important relationships can grow when you nurture them with positivity.

Come back again to casually learn the art of the tarot.

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