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Tarot - King of Swords, 6 of Pentacles, Justice

Rider Tarot - King of Swords, 6 of Coins/Pentacles, Justice
Rider Tarot - King of Swords, 6 of Coins/Pentacles, Justice

In the previous Tarot Reading we had swords representing the mind and decision making, and they continue in this reading with the King of Swords and also in the Major Arcana card Justice. The practical pentacles/coins in the middle of it all signifies what we give and receive to and from people in our lives.

Ultimately, we are all on the same playing field, the same chess board of life moving from one position to another, playing different roles according to what we know. What we decide and what we do takes us up and down the metaphorical ladder of life. Regardless of your position or status, opportunities to make your world a better place are available.

In some areas of life you may be in a position of authority and able to make empowering, impactful decisions, while in other areas of your life you may feel weak, vulnerable or needing assistance from others to help you on our way.

We are all learning, and nobody is truly above or below anyone else in the grand scheme of things, we are just in different positions in the game of life as we work our way through life's teaching experiences of ups and downs. One minute you could feel on top of the world, and in another moment you could feel very low and desperate for change. We each go through it all in one way or another.

How you manage your life and treat others when in different positions and roles in life reveals the content of your character.

Whether you consider yourself well off, prosperous and capable of experiencing your ideal of success, or you feel like you have a long way to go to get to a position you feel comfortable with, there is an ultimate truth of a karmic journey we are all on.

Every choice and action has a reaction. What you think and do creates reality. Karma says that what you give and receive will eventually balance out.

Making your best decisions to achieve the harmony and balance in your life, and being considerate of the impact you have on the lives of others to help them have harmony and balance too, is what this week calls for.

Being honest about your life can give you the clarity you need to make better decisions. Admitting where you are now and where you would like to go will help you create a roadmap towards best outcomes.

What you think and what you do will shape your future.

Swords are very logically oriented, so when we see them combined with the 6 of Coins/Pentacles, it gives an immediate, logical reference to money matters... This would be a good time to take a look at your financial picture, consider your debt, and logically look at what your wants and needs are and how your finances measure up to meet them. It's always a good idea to have a thorough understanding of why your finances are as they are. How did you get to where you're at now? What decisions brought you here? Can you make different, better or more mature decisions from now on to help you correct any problems you've created with your finances?

Also, consider the statement by the Buddha that, "the cause of suffering is desire." The more you want, the more you will feel like you don't have. This is why gratitude and appreciation for what you do have, helps take you away from that feeling of lack and puts you in a better frame of mind that feels more abundant. Maybe you don't need that fancy car, or big house, or trips around the world to feel truly happy. Maybe you'd realize that the maintenance, cleaning, insurance and all the rest that comes with having a whole lot of stuff, actually ends up being more of a burden than it is to feel free with having a little less or something more modest and easier to maintain.

Instead of worrying about what you don't have, consider ways to improve your character by being resourceful, appreciative, and generous. Choose healthy, good karma goals that feel good to work towards for better balance this week.

In the larger picture, we could also see truth revealed in the realm of finance and politics this week, taking the blinders off.

These cards also strongly represent authority and the interplay and exchange between authority figures and common people. Swords represent the mind and exchange of information and the media, while Justice asks, "What is the truth?". The central card can question, "What is being given to those under an authority?" and, "Who decides what people receive (think and believe)?"

How does authority and the exchange and propagation of information through the media change the circumstances and mindset of the people? In this regard, the people want the truth, but it is the authority figure that has the means to decide what is handed to them.

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