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Tarot - 7 of Wands, The Star, 7 of Swords

Rider Tarot Reading - 7 of Wands, The Star, The 7 of Swords.
Rider Tarot - 7 of Wands, The Star, 7 of Swords
After seeing what happened last week politically, I am fascinated by synchronicity of the cards that came out in last week's reading.

Here we have the 7 of Wands, The Star (Major Arcana 17), and the 7 of Swords.

How does this reading apply to your life?

Reactions are normal in the short term. But, to get to the truth you must look much broader and further than what is said, as words said are not always true.

Is there information that is swaying you in the wrong direction? How reliable and trustworthy is the information you are exposed to? How much do you really know about something before forming and holding an opinion and repeating that opinion as your own? Do you you react or feel the need to defend your position and if so, why?

The collective consciousness is formed by the minds of humanity. What is shared and focused on collectively has great power in determining what we think about most and can change in a heartbeat. Because perceptions are largely based on opinions, limited information, snippets of ideas, headlines and biases, perceptions of reality are often illusions.

Since thoughts become things, what the future becomes is determined by the thoughts and beliefs we carry forward and project into the world around us.

The tarot is now indicating a necessary rise in consciousness that comes about through challenges. To overcome problems, such as deceit, misinformation and the battles they bring, we must look beyond what is presented. Thinking in grander terms about how the collective is unfolding, and what role we play in the grand scheme of things, helps us rise above treacherous paths.

There’s a whole lot of activity and thoughts coming from all sorts of perspectives that can pull us in many directions. But, to find the real truth we must step outside the drama and get back to a more conscious point of view of the what and why of the reality we are creating.

Standing firmly above that which we know is beneath us and not allowing ourselves to get dragged down to the negative dramatics helps us to create a better future.

Be watchful and vigilant against that which will try to pull you down. Having courage to stand up for your higher principles instead of giving into external peer pressure will help you rise above that which is of low consciousness.

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