Tarot - Temperance, 9 of Pentacles, The Magician

Radiant Rider Tarot - Temperance, 9 of Pentacles, The Magician

These general readings are designed to motivate, inspire and inform you of practical solutions and insights for your life.

By interpreting the cards, we get messages and reminders to think about and consider as we go about our lives, and learn more about tarot in the process.

We have 2 Major Arcana cards, Temperance and The Magician, with the 9 of Pentacles/Coins Minor Arcana Card between them.

If we want to find balance in life we have to do the work and set the stage for success.

Experiment with different options to find solutions. Patience is a virtue. Study and test things out to see what results come about.

Taking action and doing the work leads to real accomplishments.

Aspire to your highest ideals, channel your wisdom, make conscious choices to create your desires.

Assess how far you've come, and the goals you've accomplished so far, and set new goals according to your current resources from a new level of awareness.

Exploring a broader range of beliefs and ideas can give you a more fulfilling perspective on life and help you feel more aware of your place in the world.

Pay closer attention to your financial picture to gain perspective and new solutions.

This is a good time to make a decision with abundance and prosperity in mind.

Brilliant and practical insights can manifest real world results.

New awareness can feel like a rebirth.

A well thought out approach manifests rewards.

Appreciation for what you have and using your resources wisely can bring you benefits.

If you mix all the ingredients for a great recipe in the right proportions, especially from a fresh, abundant, gorgeous harvest, you could make a most magical meal.

Success and accomplishment are possible. Your efforts will be rewarded.

Astrology Correspondences to these cards:

  • Temperance corresponds to Sagittarius
  • The 9 of Pentacles corresponds to Venus in Virgo
  • The Magician corresponds to Mercury

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