Winter Solstice Sun in Capricorn, Full Moon in Cancer

There is a Full Moon in Cancer at the end of this week...

Mars in Pisces is in Sextile to Pluto in Capricorn on December 17, 2018 at 1:56 am ET.

This week, some of us may be challenged to sacrifice or give up something of ourselves in order to bring comfort to another. We may also have to give up doing something, like a sacrifice of sorts, so we can take action toward more important things.

With Mars in Pisces it can bring on a lot of passionate emotions about the bigger picture in life.

Mars in Pisces can also bring a lot of powerful shifts for artists, poets, singers and creative types especially. Accessing deep emotions can amplify the creative process.

Where there is injustice and suffering in the world, it can make a deep, soul felt impact. You may need to heal an emotional wound - especially with Chiron in Pisces now too. Reactions to the harsh side of reality can be forceful with Mars in Pisces and implores taking action towards a more conscious way of being.

Yoga and deep stretching can help you release old, hidden wounds, psychological and physical and put you in a better state of consciousness.

With Mars and Pluto in positive relation this week a sense of work needing to be done to raise consciousness can come on full strength. It could feel like a mission, and some may feel that they want to have a legacy that creates meaningful impact in the world.

Shifts in the political landscape, or in career and business matters can inspire new directions. Before deciding and acting, pursuit of wisdom is recommended. This is a good time to flush out anger and long held resentment to bring new energy and focus into your life.

Passionate beliefs about karma can inspire actions toward better goals and a higher cause. Yoga is recommended to bring you into physical and spiritual alignment this week.

Powerful ideas and feelings can come on full force, especially when dreaming or daydreaming.

With the Sun in Sagittarius at odds with Chiron in Pisces on Thursday, an assessment of spiritual and philosophical beliefs about the bigger picture of life, vision of the future, and considerations of an afterlife, could create necessary changes for soul healing. Fears can be the catalyst that encourages a necessary, lighter, healing perspective.

Personal beliefs and opinions about the issue of immigration may bring conflicts, with compassion being considered as an important issue to be pondered further.

The Sun in Sagittarius also connects with Uranus Retrograde in Aries and so this speaks to the bigger picture of life and identity. If you have been pondering your own existence and purpose, maybe you’ll get some of the answers you need this week, like a light bulb going off.

On the world stage, we could have more people feeling an affinity to finding out the truth to why groups are protesting for personal rights, free speech and related aspects of asserting personal identity.

Interestingly, we have seen that Pope Francis is hinting at changing the words of The Lord's Prayer. Sun in Sagittarius speaks to religion, and religious and philosophical beliefs, and signifies news and published books. Uranus, being the higher octave of Mercury, speaks to information, especially pertaining to the future, and the past when Retrograde. Uranus Retrograde can speak to changes and rebellion of course, especially by an individual.

With the Sun square to Chiron with this, we could see a metaphorical, if not literal, type of sacrifice that pulls on people’s heart strings and pushes people to feel a need for greater healing in the world.

Happy Winter Solstice on Friday, December 21, 2018

The light will get stronger from here on out with longer days. What a relief!

Venus in Scorpio connects in harmony with Neptune in Pisces on this day speaking strongly to a deep desire for love and compassion. Warmth and caring can change people profoundly on a soul level. It would be a good time to work on aligning your heart and crown chakras while enjoying a nice steam or bath.

Mercury meets Jupiter in Sagittarius on Friday too so we can expect lots of talk, gossip and newsflashes to capture attention. Even more talk of immigration in the media, if that’s even possible, could spark new opinions.

This is a great time to think about the vision you have for your own life. What do you really want? What do you want to learn? Where do you want to go in the world to experience new ideas? This is a great time to consider future travels and where in the world you could find mental stimulation that broadens your horizons.

*Creating a vision board for 2019 is highly recommended now. Visualize it and write down your ideas.

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, 2018 at 5:22 pm ET to finish the days astrological shifts and marks a new beginning. The metaphorical rebirth of the sun is on the horizon.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign that is concerned with initiating and establishing goals worth reaching, being productive to achieve and climb that mountain toward your success, manifesting real world results, being a leader, and leaving a legacy.

Since Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn we can expect more focus on the political establishment to get more light shined on them over the next month. Some significant revelations are sure to come to light.

There is a Full Moon in Cancer on December 22, 2018 at 12:49 pm ET.

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Wishing you a wonderful week!

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