Friday, October 11, 2019

Full Moon in Aries

It’s officially a Full Moon in Aries on October 13, 2019 at 5:08 pm ET.

A Full Moon in Aries stands across the sky from the Sun in Libra.

Working our way toward the Full Moon in Aries, we are reminded of the 2 week period of new growth that begins with the New Moon in Libra.

The ruler of Aries, Mars, is in Libra now.

The Full Moon in Aries represents a time where a new awareness of your identity is revealed and it is most likely to occur through your relationship with someone else or other people.

Others act as a mirror, where you see who they are in relation to yourself, helps you to see yourself in a new light. An emotional exchange can be the catalyst to you awakening to see the real you.

Full Moon's are emotional and bring out reactions. Other people's opinions can influence your perspective of yourself, and how you react to stand up for your own point of view can reveal much about you.

The Full Moon in Aries asks, "Do you know yourself?"

In contrast and in connection to others, you will see more clearly who you are, and who you are not.

There is great potential for personal breakthroughs with the Full Moon.

We are reminded to be strong and be ourselves.

Your best opportunities are in having harmonious connections to other people. When you shine true to yourself others will notice your light.

Aries is ruled by Mars and is associated with masculine, male energy, charged with energy and enthusiasm. Excitable, active personalities can stand out strongly with this Full Moon in Aries.

Those that are impatient and have short tempers could make themselves known as we approach the Full Moon.

Leaders take the reigns with bold maneuvers at this time to assert their role.

An appreciation of strength, willpower, sexiness and athletic fitness is heightened now.

We could see athletes and warrior types get more attention at this time.

A self centered perspective is quite possible now, so the jealous types may not be so keen about other people getting attention, especially if it takes away from their own spotlight.

The Moon enters Aries on October 12th and meets with Chiron Retrograde in Aries on October 12, 2019 at 6:41 am. This signifies long term healing of our identities and wounds from our childhood as we head toward this Full Moon in Aries.

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