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I will be giving away chances to Win Free TarotScopes to readers of the Symbolic Living Advice Column.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, so now I’m revisiting the idea and going to have some fun with it this October as a little project. I want the Symbolic Living Advice Column to be entertaining and enjoyable for me and you! I'd love for you to participate...

Ask Your Question about your Situation, about Love, Money, Career, Relationships... 

Give as many details as you like for clarity into your situation.

Simple Rules For Your Chance to Win a Free TarotScope:
  • To enter, simply submit your question in the submission form below for the Symbolic Living Advice Column.
  • I will be making random selections from a draw and you could be one of the Lucky Winners!
  • By submitting your question, you acknowledge that your question and your Free TarotScope will be published publicly. 
  • Using your real name is not necessary to enter. If you do use your real name, only your first name will be published for reference in your TarotScope. Names may be changed to protect your identity. Alternatively, you can be anonymous, or use an alias or fake name if you wish. 
  • Enter as many times as you would like, with unique questions each time, to increase your chances of winning!
  • Selected questions will be answered starting in October! 

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