Aquarius TarotScope

August 2019 Aquarius TarotScope

All the thoughts and feelings you are going through could make you feel like you’re ready for a complete change that brings a lot of strength to your life. You may have to carry the weight in a number of areas of your life, and be strong so you can achieve self mastery. A recent change is pushing you to rethink how to take charge and get it all done. You could become overwhelmed, or you could choose to see how to make the best combination of the options you do have so that you make magic happen and achieve what you really want.

You may not see how big you could actually go with your goals, but you do have the power of transformation with you now. If you have any negative thoughts, they will be the gift in disguise and an important catalyst for you to create change and become positively stronger so you can achieve your very best.

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