Cancer TarotScope

August 2019 Cancer TarotScope

It’s a great time to enjoy good food, family fun and time with people that feel like family to you so you can enjoy your life together. If you stay complacent and don’t get active with others, you are likely to feel alone, bored and missing out on good fun that is out there waiting for you to participate in.

You’re up for some shifts in the way you deal with money. Perhaps you feel like you want more money, or you want to hold onto what you’ve got. Money is an exchange. If you ask for money, you just might get it. Asking for money is likely to work out best when you offer something in exchange, like selling a product or service that others will find valuable. You can’t just expect to get all the money and not give some type of exchange for it; that’s just being greedy. It is a great time to offer something new, or create something new whether you are getting paid for it or not. Instead of sitting on your ideas or your talents, use them, take advantage of the opportunity and bring value to the world because you have shared them. You are most likely to be rewarded if you do. Whether it is money, emotional fulfillment or new opportunities, using what you’ve got will get you returns that lead you toward greater success.

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