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New Life Readings Available From Symbolic Living Starting on the Spring Equinox ~ March 20, 2019.

For a Limited Time: The Spring Equinox is the start of the Astrological New Year for a new beginning... 

I will be offering New Astrology and Tarot Readings For A Limited Time, with New Readings starting on the Spring Equinox on March 20, 2019 until March 31, 2019.

Readings are placed in priority as first ordered, first served.

Goals, Answers and Solutions: Let's have a look at your life. Readings I provide are always guided by a solutions oriented approach to life. Tell me your situation and your perspective on what's happening in your life and I will see what best opportunities and insights astrology or tarot has to reveal for you.

I have worked in Astrology and Tarot for over 11 years and the best way to get useful answers from astrology and tarot readings is to ask a good question. Your reading is confidential only between you and me, so you can provide as much details about your situation as you feel comfortable to get to the root of the issue.

Astrology Readings: With your date and time of birth, I will look at your astrological birth chart to provide you with insights into current trends that are relavent to your life now and in the future in 2019 to help you navigate a positive direction forward.

Tarot Readings: Tarot cards never cease to amaze me with how they show up with such amazing synchronicity. The combination of cards will get to the root of situation to reveal meaningful answers to your question. Choose a 3 card for insights or a 10 card reading for greater details. See examples of 3 card general readings here.


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